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Rohde & Schwarz



Rohde & Schwarz - 75 Years of Driving Innovation

Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality and innovation in test and measurement, broadcasting, secure communications as well as radiomonitoring and radiolocation for more than 75 years. By pursuing this four-pillar strategy, the company addresses customers from various market segments: wireless communications, broadcasting, electronics – as well as government authorities and organizations with security missions.

Rohde & Schwarz / Detalii

Produse  @  Rohde & Schwarz

Aparate masura control
• Osciloscoape
• Megger
  Multi-amp Circuit Breaker Tester Retrofit Megger – DDA16, DDA30 and DDA60
  Circuit Breaker Tester Retrofit Megger – DDA1600
  Universal Circuit Breaker Test Sets Megger – DDA-3000 and DDA-6000
  Primary Current Injection Test System Megger – INGVAR
  Automatic Oil Circuit Recloser Tester Megger – OCR8015/9150
  Primary Current Injection Test System Megger – ODEN AT
  Microprocessor-based Circuit Breaker Test Sets Megger – PS-9116
  Universal Circuit Breaker Test Sets Megger – PS-9130 and PS-9160
  Smart Primary Injection Test System Megger – SPI225
  Battery Ground Fault Locator Megger - BGL
  Battery Impedance Tester Megger - BITE2 and BITE2P
  Bond Tester Megger - BT51
  Battery Voltage Monitor Megger - BVM, BVM300 and BVM600
  Dual Power Micro-Ohmmeter Megger - DLRO10HDX
  Single Phase Hand Cranked Transformer Turns Ratio Tester Megger - TTR550005B
  Tester de izolatie si continuitate cu alarma Megger - MIT200 series
  Instrument Test Box Megger - MTB7671/2
  Earth Leakage Clampmeter Megger - DCM300E
  Combined Loop And Rcd Testers Megger - LRCD210 and LRCD220
  Impedance Meter Megger - NIM1000
  Hand-Held Micro-Ohmmeter Megger - DLROH200
  Cable Phasing Meter Megger - 830220-1
  Phase Sequence Indicator Megger - PSI410
  Multifunction Installation Testers Megger - MFT1731, MFT1721 and MFT1711
  Multifunction Installation Testers Megger - MFT1735
  Multifunction Installation Testers Megger - MFT1800
  Electrician's Multimeter Megger - AVO®210
  Electrician's Multimeter Megger - AVO® 410
  TRMS Clamp Meter Megger - DCM1500
  Earth Leakage Clampmeter Megger - DCM305E
  Digital Clamp Meter Megger - DCM310 and DCM320
  Fork Multimeter Megger - DCM330
  Digital Multimeter Megger - DCM340
  Photovoltaic Kit Megger - PVK320
  Irradiance Meter Megger - PVM210
  Portable Appliance Tester Megger - PAT320 and PAT350
  Full Database Driven Portable Appliance Testers Megger - PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450
  Time Domain Reflectometer Megger - T3090
  Voltage Tester Megger - TPT320
  AC Voltage Detectors Megger - VF1 and VF2
  AC Voltage Detectors Megger - VF3
  Deviser DS2831 Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer
  Deviser DS2500Q Digital TV QAM Analyzer
  Deviser DS2580C Digital TV QAM Analyzer
  Deviser DS2460Q QAM Analysis Meter
  Deviser DS2460T ISDB-TB Analysis Meter
  Deviser S7200 TV Signal Analyzer
  Deviser C1200 DVB-C Meter
  Deviser AE2200 FTTx Multi-Function Meter
  Deviser AE4000 Series OTDR Module
  Deviser AE3100 Series Handheld OTDR
  Deviser AE500 CWDM Channel Analyzer
  Deviser AE600 CWDM Channel Analyzer
  Deviser AE700 DWDM Channel Analyzer
  Deviser EP310 Series PON Power Meter
  Deviser AE210 Series Optical Power Meter
  Deviser LS310 Series Light Source
  Deviser TC722 All-in-One 10G Transport Tester
  Deviser TC602RE Ethernet Backhaul Service Tester
  Deviser TC601E Ethernet and E1 Tester
  Deviser TC601+ Ethernet Service Tester
  Deviser TC601A Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Tester
  Deviser TC702 Gigabit Ethernet Module
  Deviser S700 Series Cable & Antenna Analyzer
  Deviser S900 Series Signal PROFILER
  Deviser E7000B Cable & Antenna Analyzer
  Deviser E7000L Cable & Antenna Analyzer
  Deviser SignalPROFILER E7042B
  Deviser SignalPROFILER E7062B
  Deviser E8400B Wireless Spectrum Analyzer
  Deviser E8600B Spectrum Analyzer
  Schlöder ESD Simulator SESD 216
  Schlöder ESD Simulator SESD 230
  Schlöder ESD Simulator SESD 30000
  Schlöder ESD test system SESD 2910
  Schlöder Burst-Generator 125 kHz SFT 2400
  Schlöder CDG 6000
  Schlöder Magnetic Field Generator and Analyzer MGA 1030
  Schlöder Voltage Interruption Simulator VIS 1700
  Schlöder Pulse - Generator PG 01-2000
  Schlöder Immunity DC PGA 1240
  Schlöder Magnetic Field Calibrator CAL 1250
  Tekbox TBPS01 EMC Near-field Probes + TBWA2 Wideband Amplifier
  Tekbox TBOH01 5UH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN – CISPR 25
  Tekbox TBLC08 50UH Lisn Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN – CISPR 16
  Tekbox TBFL1 Transient Limiter
  Tekbox TBOH02 Self Powered Active Load
  Tekbox Open Tem Cells For EMC Pre-Compliance Testing
  Tekbox TBST 120/60/60/2 Shielded Tent
  Tekbox TBWA2/20dB, TBWA2/40dB RF Amplifiers
  Tekbox TBHDR1 RF Amplifier
  Tekbox TBDA1/14dB, TBDA1/28dB RF Amplifier
  Tekbox TBMDA1 RF Amplifier
  Tritex Multigauge 5300 GRP Thickness Gauge
  Tritex Multigauge 5500
  Tritex Multigauge 5600 Hand Held
  Tritex Multigauge 5700 Datalogger
  Tritex Multigauge 5650/5750 Surveyor Thickness Gauge
  Tritex Multigauge 3000 Underwater Thickness Meter
  Tritex Multigauge 4000 Series ROV Underwater Thickness Gauge
  Tritex Multigauge 3100 Surface Display Unit
  Tritex Multigauge 6000 Drone Thickness Gauge
  Fraser NEOS 30 Anti-Static Ionising Bars
  Fraser NEOS 20 Anti-Static Ionising Bars
  Fraser NEOS 12 F Anti-Static Ionising Bars
  Fraser 3024 F 24VDC Ionising Bar
  Fraser 1250 & 1250-S Static Eliminators
  Fraser 1250 Air Bar Static Eliminator
  Fraser 3810 Ionstorm Single Point Bars
  Fraser 3850-SC Ionstorm Bar
  Fraser 3100 JUPITER
  Fraser 715 Static Meter
  Fraser EX715 Static Meter
  Fraser 740 Surface Resistivity Meter
  Fraser 720 Static Bar Checker
  GrayWolf AdvancedSenseBE
  GrayWolf AdvancedSense PRO
  GrayWolf WolfPack Modular Area Monitor
  GrayWolf Indoor Air Quality IAQ Meter
  GrayWolf Volatile Organic Compound TVOC Meter
  GrayWolf Air Velocity Volume Flow Meter
  GrayWolf Formaldehyde Monitor
  GrayWolf Particle Concentration Counter
  GrayWolf PC-4000
  GrayWolf Particle Concentration 5000 Series
  GrayWolf Zephyr II
  GrayWolf 2300 AHTS
  Furukawa S179A Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
  Furukawa NJ001M4 Hand-Held Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer
  Furukawa S123M Series Ribbon Fusion Splicers
  Furukawa FITELNINJA NJ001 Fixed V-groove Fusion Splicer
  Furukawa S153A Active Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer
  Furukawa S178LDF Hand-Held Core Alignment LDF Fusion Splicer
  Furukawa S183PMII/ S184PM-SLDF Advanced Fusion Splicer
  Furukawa S218R/S218H Fiber Strippers
  Furukawa S326A/S326S80 High Precision Cleaver
  Furukawa S220A Optical Ribbon Fiber Separator
  Furukawa S233 Optical Ribbon Fiber Splitter
  Furukawa Ultra Sonic Cleaner S903
  Furukawa FITELCLEAN Optical Connector Cleaner
  Cobham GPSG-1000 Portable Satellite Simulator
  Cobham 3515ARM Airborne Radio Maintenance System
  Cobham IFR 4000 Nav/Comm Flightline Test Set
  Cobham 3515AR Portable Radio Communications Test Set
  Cobham 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set
  Cobham 3550R Touch-screen Radio Test System
  Cobham 3920B Series Analog and Digital Radio Test Platform
  Cobham 8150 TETRA AirAnalyzer
  Cobham Mission Test System
  Cobham Scout CS1104 Broadband Signal Analyzer and Recorder
  R&S CMW500 - Production Test
  R&S CMW100 Communications Manufacturing Test Set
  R&S CMW270 Wireless Connectivity Tester
  R&S CMW290 Functional Radio Communication Tester
  R&S CMA180 Radio Test Set
  R&S CTH100A/R&S®CTH200A Portable Radio Test Set
  R&S TS-ITS100 RF Conformance Test System
  R&S TS8980 RF Test System Family
  R&S TS-RRM LTE and WCDMA RRM test system
  R&S VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers
  R&S TS-290 IoT Carrier Acceptance Test System
  R&S FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer
  R&S FSH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
  R&S FSV Signal and Spectrum Analyzer
  R&S ZNB Vector Network Analyzer
  R&S RTC1000 Oscilloscope
  R&S RTB2000 Oscilloscope
  R&S RTM3000 Oscilloscope
  R&S RTA4000 Oscilloscope
  R&S RTE1000 Oscilloscope
  R&S RTO2000 Oscilloscope
  R&S RTP Oscilloscope
  R&S FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester
  R&S FSMR Measuring Receiver
  R&S SMW200A Vector Signal Generator
  R&S SMA100B RF and Microwave Analog Signal Generator
  R&S ZNL Vector Network Analyzer
  R&S ZNLE Vector Network Analyzer
  R&S ZND Vector Network Analyzers
  R&S Cable Rider ZPH Cable & Antenna Analyzer
  R&S ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer
  R&S ZNC Vector Network Analyzer
  R&S ESW EMI Test Receiver
  R&S ESRP EMI Test Receiver
  R&S ESL EMI Test Receiver
  R&S NRP2 Power Meter
  R&S UPZ Audio Switcher
  R&S BTC Broadcast Test Center
  R&S SFE Broadcast Tester
  R&S SFC Compact Modulator
  R&S SFC-U USB Compact Modulator
  R&S SFD DOCSIS Signal Generator
  R&S CLGD DOCSIS Cable Load Generator
  R&S SLG Satellite Load Generator
  R&S ETL TV Analyzer
  R&S DSA DOCSIS Signal Analyzer
  R&S ETC Compact TV Analyzer
  R&S EFL240/R&S®EFL340 Portable TV Test Receiver
  R&S EFL110/R&S®EFL210 Cable TV Analyzer and Leakage Detector
  R&S DVSG Digital Video Signal Generator
  R&S HMC804x Power Supply
  R&S NGE100 Power Supply Series
  R&S NGMO Single/Dual Channel Analyzer/Power Supply
  R&S RSC Step Attenuator
  R&S PSL3 Industrial Controller
  R&S OSP Open Switch and Control Platform
  R&S Hameg HMC8012 Digital Multimeter
  R&S Hameg HMC8015 Power Analyzer
• Generatoare semnal
• Analizoare spectru
Retele cablu Fibra Optica
• Powermetre RF
  Powermetru RF Rohde & Schwarz NRP2
  Powermetru RF USB 10 MHz..8 GHz Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z11
  Powermetru RF USB 10 MHz..18 GHz Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z21
  Powermetru RF USB 10 MHz..18 GHz Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z22
  Powermetru RF USB 10 MHz..18 GHz Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z23
TV Video
• Analizoare TV si Satelit
Test mediu Temperatura Audio Gaz
• Testere sunet & vibratii
  Analizor audio analog/digital Rohde & Schwarz UPV
  Analizor audio analog/digital 2/ 4/ 8 canale Rohde & Schwarz UPP

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