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Calibratoare multifunctionale > YOKOGAWA


YOKOGAWA LS3300 AC Power Calibrator

• High Accuracy
• Phase Accuracy
• High Stability
• Wide generation range
• Single to three phase power calibration

YOKOGAWA 2560A High Voltage and High Current Precision DC Calibrator

• Wide output range of voltage and current generation
• Dials and switches for each digit and function
• High accuracy, stability, and resolution
• Various effective functions for analog meters calibration.

YOKOGAWA 2553A Precision DC Calibrator

• Digital Display of Output
• High Basic Accuracy
• High Stability and Low Noise
• High Resolution

YOKOGAWA 2558A AC Voltage Current Standard

• Output Divider
• Direct Readout of the Deviation
• Digital Display of Output
• Common Current Output Terminals
• High Accuracy
• High Stability

YOKOGAWA Calibrator de proces CA300 CA310 CA320 CA330

• Basic Accuracy: 0.015% (Source&Meas. accuracy of Voltage mA)
• Simultaneously supplies 24V loop power and measure output signal with high accuracy
• Sub display displays span% of the source value
• HART/BRAIN comm. resistance (250Ω) embedded

YOKOGAWA Multifunction Calibrator CA71 CA51

• Autostep function
• Changes the output value in step form based on the setting from the divided output (n/m) function. Changes can be sourced automatically every 10% or 25%.
• Online communication (CA71 only) RS-232C-compliant optically isolated interface
• Sweep function
• Linearly increases or decrease the output. The increasing/decreasing time can be set to either 16 or 32 seconds.
• Memory function
• Source values and measurements forming individual value sets can be saved to or read from the Handy Calibrator's internal memory (maximum 50 value sets).
• Temperature monitor function

YOKOGAWA Multifunction Calibrator CA150 (Handheld)

• Vertical Hand-Held Calibrator
• Simultaneous Source and Measurement for Process Devices
• Loop Power Supply Function
• Highly Accurate and Multi-Functional Source and Measurement



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