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Testare retele cablu > DADI


Tester cablu si retea Dadi TPT-8020A

• Length measurement
• Tone tracing
• Port identification
• Flash port LED
• Ping test and packet loss detection

Tester Cablu Gigabit retea LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit Dadi CNT-8050

• Data loopback
• Flashing port
• Traffic generation: gigabit wire-speed traffic generation capability
• Traffic statistics
• SFP optical interface, up to 1000Mbps

Tester retea Gigabit Ethernet Dadi GEA-8120A

• Traffic generation
• Traffic statistics
• RFC2544 test
• Data loop back
• Connectivity performance test
• Wiring test
• Physical port test
• LAN test
• PPPoEfunction

Analizor Gigabit Ethernet Dadi GEA-8130A

• Link test
• Network scanning
• Problem discovery
• Network health
• Filter receiving
• Frame packet capture

Analizor BER transmisiuni date retele PDH Dadi BER-1580

• G.703 E in-service / out of service Test
• Dual E ports monitoring
• Various alarming types and BER types insert
• ITU-T G.82/G.826/M200/20 BER Analysis
• Histogram display
• Color TFT LCD with touch screen
• 2M clock jitter Rx/Tx test

Analizor transmisiuni retele de date pentru service si monitorizare Dadi BER-1530

• G.703 E1 In-service / Out of Service Test
• Various alarm and error insert
• Balance interface (75 Ohm) / unbalanced interface (120 Ohm) for E1
• ITU-T G.821/G.826/M2100 BER analysis
• Pattern slips analysis
• Clock slips analysis
• Color touch screen TFT LCD.

Analizor cu monitorizare E1 transmisiuni date retea PDH Dadi BER-1560

• FAS, CRC monitoring of G.703 E1 circuit
• E1 dual-interface monitoring
• Audio test
• E1 jitter test
• Slip code test
• G.703 64K Test
• 64K offline test
• ITU error index analysis

Analizor BERT transmisii date retele PDH si SDH Dadi BER-1620

• BERT test for PDH and SDH and error performance analysis
• G821 G826 G828 G829 M2100 and(or)M2101
• Anomaly/defect testing
• Overhead testing
• Pointer monitoring
• Easy operation: 10.4’’TFT touch screen, visible graphic display

Tester monitorizare standard G.703 E1 LAN Dadi IAT-1710A

• G.703 E1 circuit FAS, CRS code monitoring
• E1 on-line monitoring
• slip code test
• V series interface test
• V.24/RS232, V.35 interface error test
• ITU error indicator analysis
• RFC2544 test
• color HD touch screen

Analizor canale audio PCM Dadi DDA260

• complete full test of speech channel indicators
• 2M interface supported: Multi PCM system including PCM30 PCM31 PCM30CRC PCM31CRC
• Support G.821 E1 error test
• Support manual test, auto loop test, auto end-to-end test, optional circuit auto test
• Support pairs of reference test signal, 1020Hz or 820Hz optional, meet diversified need of clients.

Tester conexiuni xDSL Dadi DSL-3011A

• xDSL physical layer test
• xDSL network layer test
• Ethernet test
• Ping test
• cable test
• DMM: loop resistance, insulation resistance, capacitance, AC and DC voltage and line length estimation test
• Tone generator
• TFT true color display, touch screen operation

Tester retea ADSL Dadi DA-280

• ADSL Physical Layer Test
• Fast and Interleave signal channel BER test
• Test downstream, upstream rate and channel availability of the line
• ES statistics
• ADSL Network Layer Test
• Ethernet Test
• LAN Ping test
• Cable Test
• DMM: including loop resistance, insulation resistance, capacitance, DC & AC voltage and line length estimation test

Analizor retele VDSL, VDSL2, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ Dadi DSL-3020V

• XDSL Physical Layer Testing
• ADSL2+Modular: full support all ADSL standards
• Test upstream, downstream, maximum speed and channel utilization
• Display every sub-channel of Bits per Tone
• xDSL Network Layer Test
• PPPoE dial-up obtain IP address and Ping test
• Router tracking test
• Ethernet Test
• DHCP client test

Tester multifunctional testare acces retele xDSL, EPON, WLAN, Ethernet Dadi MTS-3530A

• XDSL Physical Layer Test
• xDSL Network Layer Test
• xDSL Application Layer Test
• Cable Test
• EPON Test
• WLAN Test
• Ethernet Test
• Network Cable Test

Tester Certificare si Calificare retea cablu UTP si Coaxial CAT3 CAT5e CAT6 Deviser TC500

• Designed for Ethernet systems
• Contains a main unit and a remote unit
• measures the speed and performance on CAT3, CAT5e and CAT6 cables
• according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B and ISO/IEC 11801 to ensure the cable qualification
• Tone generator
• Two additional functions: Ping and BER Test
• Store at least 100 results
• Toolbox software to analyze the results on PC



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