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Shineway 95S Fusion Splicer

• Auto and manual splicing
• Splicing≤9s, heating≤25s(time and power adjustable)
• Arc counter prompts electrode change upon usage
• Auto arc optimization

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway 95EA Fusion Splicer

• Inner light make the operation environment in the dark
• Wind, sand and dust prevention, waterproof, aseismatic design adapt to the outdoor environment
• Display screen can be flip before and after, can conveniently multi-angle observe
• 76cm drop proof / ISTA certificate

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OFC-10CT Optical Fiber Cleaver

• Compact & handy outfit design
• Rugged body
• Simplified blade adjustment & replacement
• Collecting fiber box

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OCC-50 CWDM Optical Channel Checker

• Result display in histogram and list
• Applicable to normal optical power measurement
• Internal clock & fiber S/N editable
• User definable threshold setting

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OVA-50 Intelligent Optical Variable Attenuator

• Network/BER testing
• Power meter calibration
• Link loss simulation
• Optical margin analysis

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway MTP-200-OSA Optical Spectrum Analyzer / Channel Analyzer

• Channel power measurement
• Channel threshold detection
• In-band OSNR measurement

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway MTP-200-CWDM Series Hand-held High Performance OTDR

• Up to 18CWDM wavelengths, customized
• Dynamic Range up to 36dB
• Short dead zone:EDZ 1m, ADZ 4m
• Auto/Manual test and analysis

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter

• Internal clock & fiber S/N editable
• Memory of 1000 test records
• Data Transfer to PC via USB
• USB power charging

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OPM-15/25 Optical Power Meter

• Interchangeable connectors: FC/SC/ST
• Dual-way power supply: 9V alkaline battery/AC adapter (optional)
• Pocketsize, lightweight and damp-dust-shock proof
• Power saving: Auto-off setting

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway SLS-50 Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source

• 6dB adjustable power output range
• Automatic wavelength identification/switch
• Remote reference value setting
• FTTx applicable

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OLT-55 Intelligent Optical Loss Tester

• Optical power monitoring (Auto power trace)
• Bidirectional loss test on single fiber
• ORL test
• Pass/Fail assessment

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OLT-20 Optical Loss Tester

• Pocketsize, large LCD display
• Multi-wavelength measurement
• Display units: dB/dBm/mW/?W
• Link loss testing

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway OFI-50A Cable Identifier

• Easy to use, reliable
• Fast identification of deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable
• Built-in intelligent mode, knock in the measured cable screen showed positive and negative Pyramid strength; output the notification sound

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway CAA-100A Cable & Antenna Analyzer

• Intelligent limit /marker /curve calculations
• More than 8 hours long battery life
• 7 inch color LCD touch screen
• Optimized batch file management: edit/delete/filter

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway SPM-50 RF Spectrum Power Meter

• Power histogram or spectrum chart
• Preset frequency band for fast scan
• Live testing through feeder cable system

 Shineway Tech 
Shineway TPM-50A Terminal Power meter

• Peak power and Peak/Average Ratio measurement
• Burst power measurement
• CW power measurement
• Monitor function & test data saving

 Shineway Tech 
Ametek XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge

• Now includes calibration reminders and alerts
• Record 32 000 data points
• Over an entire year of continuous recording time
• Now available on the Dual-Line Display XP2i

Ametek XP2i-DP Differential Pressure Gauge

• Record 32 000 data points
• Battery-optimizing, Ultra Low Power (ULP) Mode
• Over an entire year of continuous recording time

Ametek WT Series Digital Pressure Gauge

• 0.1 % of reading accuracy
• Batteries and digital communications are accessible from the front
• Rugged "Wally Box" gauge can withstand dropping and accidental over-pressurization

Ametek m1 Digital Pressure Gauge

• Easy to read extra-large numbers
• Protective boot included
• Shifts everyday wear to a replaceable CPF adapter

Ametek HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator

• High Accuracy Thermometer with "True Ohm" Technology
• Store & Recall Previously Used Screens
• Flexible Power Options Including Rechargeable

Ametek nVision Reference Recorder

• Differential Pressure with up to 0.025% of reading accuracy
• Switch, Voltage, Current, and Temperature
• 500 000 data points - 10 readings per second from 2 modules

Ametek 30 Series Pressure Calibrator

• Indicates milliamps to calibrate transmitters
• Ultra compact and light
• Very easy to learn and use

Ametek HPC600 Pressure Calibrator

• Voltage Measurement
• Serial Communication
• External Pressure Module Compatibility

Ametek nVision Lab Reference Recorder

• Gauge / Absolute Pressure Datalogger to 15 000 psi / 1000 bar / 100MPa
• Differential Pressure with up to 0.025% of reading accuracy
• Switch, Voltage, Current, and Temperature
• 500 000 data points - 10 readings per second from 2 modules

Ametek RTC Reference Temperature Calibrator

• Contamination free calibration of clamp sensors
• “Plug and Play” intelligent reference sensors
• Easy-to-read color display with User-friendly navigation
• Lightweight and easy to carry

Ametek PTC Professional Temperature Calibrator

• Temperature range from -90 to 660°C (-130 to 1220°F) with 5 models
• Accuracy to ± 0.06°C and Stability to ± 0.01°C
• Clean Dry block calibrator
• Time saving fast cooling and heating times (350° in only 7 minutes)

Ametek ITC Industrial Temperature Calibrator

• Dry block calibrator
• Easy-to-read, backlit display with useful icons
• Lightweight and easy to carry
• Multi-hole insert kits

Ametek CTC Compact Temperature Calibrator

• Multi-hole and/or insert kits
• Input for external reference sensor on all C models
• MVI circuitry ensures stability despite mains supply variations

Ametek ETC Easy Temperature Calibrator

• Accuracy to ± 0.5°C and Stability to ± 0.05°C
• Time saving fast cooling and heating times
• Easy-to-read multi-information display

Ametek DTI-1000 Temperature Indicator

• One year accuracy to ± 0.004°C
• System accuracy with STS Series temperature sensors to ± 0.03°C
• Wide Temperature Range of -200 to 750°C (-328 to 1382°F)
• Resolution to 0.001°C

Ametek DTI050 Temperature Indicator

• Wide selection of sensors (straight, 90°, cabled, etc.) to fit your application
• Useful features like hold, and min / max
• Power with a single 9V battery, or external 9V supply

Ametek ASC-400 Multifunction Calibrator

• Recall saved tasks for both upper & lower windows
• Fuseless Protection
• Inputs for Thermocouple Calibration

Ametek AMC910 Process Calibrator

• Read voltage (10V and 100V DC ranges to ± 0.005%)
• Read current (0 to 50mA to ± 0.01%)
• 24VDC loop power supply
• Selectable 250 ohm HART resistor

Ametek CSC Series Multifunction Calibrators

• Measure Current to 24mA with ± 0.01 % of reading accuracy
• Measure Voltage to 30VDC with ± 0.01 % of reading accuracy
• 24VDC Loop Power Supply
• User defined step and ramp functions

Ametek ASM Series Process Multi-Scanner

• Automatic procedures reduce human error
• Dedicate one input channel to a reference sensor with accuracy to 0.026°C
• Uses True Ohm technology to eliminate EMF from cables, sockets, and sensors

Ametek mAcal Loop Calibrator

• Source and Measure current to 24 mA with ± 0.05% of full scale
• Measure voltage from 0 to 45 VDC with ± 0.5 VDC
• 200 hours of life using 4 x AA batteries

Ametek T-900 Series (Systems A, B, and H)

• Lightweight, compact design
• Two outlet ports
• Protected shuttle valve

Embedded & Dsp Design Platform ED-DAVINCI

• One-stop training kit for embedded system, DSP and FPGA
• 7” Wide TFT LCD, 10/100 Ethernet 1Port, Serial 1Port, SD/MMC, ATA and other interfaces


• Analog feedback loop & DC servo system
• Modularized by the function of servo circuits
• Overload protection for the servo amp's and power supply's output

Electrical Machine Trainer ED-5300

• 19 types of modules & graphic boards
• 25 types of electrical machine assembly
• Experimental board rack & storage trolley

Motor / Dynamometer Trainer Unit MG-5219

• Measurement of induction motor’s power efficiency
• How to use electro-dynamometer
• Torque Measurements by dynamometer
• Use of separately excited DC generator

Motor / Generator Trainer Unit MG-5216

• RIM’s no-load power factor and load power factor
• Load characteristics of separately excited DC shunt-wound generator
• No-load saturation characteristics of generator
• DC shunt-wound generator’s loss and power factor

Synchronous Motor(3-phase)/DC Generator MG-5215

• Start and Sync characteristics of synchronous motor
• V-curve characteristics of synchronous motor
• Synchronous motor’s loss and efficiency
• Load characteristics of self-excited shunt-wound generator

DC Motor/AC Generator MG-5214

• DC motor’s load characteristics
• DC motor’s loss and efficiency
• Alteration of the motor’s rotative directions
• Motor’s speed and torque

Wound-Rotor Induction Motor/ DC Generator MG-5213

• Load characteristics of shunt-wound and compound generators
• Generator’s speed and output by winding type
• Loss and efficiency comparisons by winding type

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor/ DC Generator MG-5212

• Start and load characteristics of squirrel cage induction motor
• Alteration of the rotative directions of squirrel cage Induction Motor
• Slip speed and torque of induction motor
• Induction motor’s no-load power factor and load power facto

DC Motor/ Generator MG-5211

• Load characteristics of DC compound motor
• Cumulative compound and differential compound characteristics
• Generator’s rotating speed and output characteristics
• Loss and efficiency of DC compound generator

Complete Motor/Generator Training System ED-5100

• Complete Motor/Generator Training System
• Various load characteristics(Resistance, L/C Reactance and Torque)
• Selectable System(ED-5100-1, ED-5100-2, ED-5100-3 or Full Set)

Sensor Application Trainer ED-6800B

• Inverting, Non-inverting and Differential Amplifiers
• Comparator Circuit
• Voltage and Current Circuit

Daq(Data Acquisition) Trainer ED-4110

• Remote mode by PC and Local mode by manual operation on the panel
• Graphical display of diagrams on panel for AD/DA conversion procedures
• DSO embodiment by A/D Converter for collection and analysis of analog data on PC
• Storage of measured data and generation of 5 wave forms required for experiments through D/A Converter

Pulse Circuit Trainer ED-6400

• Modular system with experimental rack
• Pulse Generation, synthesis and conversion
• Built-in signal source and DC power supply

Logic/Digital Circuit Trainer ED-1400A

• Capable of performing Logic monitoring functions
• Graphical presentation of functional diagram on each module
• 15 modules each for TTL or CMOS IC type

Logic Trainer ED-1100A

• Unique logic cards(TTL/CMOS)
• Internal pulse outputs
• 3-stage Logic Monitor
• BCD indication

Logic Circuit Lab ED-1006

• Hexadecimal number indicators
• Selectable pulse outputs
• Built-in DC power supp

Logic Lab Unit ED-1000BS

• Hi/Lo Logic Switch
• BCD hexadecimal indication LED
• Built-in DC power supply(+5V,+9V,±15V)
• Voltage and current meter
• DC overload alarm and indication
• Variable and single pulse generator

Op-Amp Circuit Trainer ED-6000

• OP-Amp. characteristics and various appplication circuits
• Main Frame contains DC Power Supply, AF Signal and Frequency Counter

SCR Trainer ED-5060

• SCR characteristics
• Rectifier and phase control
• Trigger and gate control
• Motor speed control

Analog Lab Unit ED-2200

• AF Generator and Frequency Counter(built-in)
• Dual DC Power Supply(5/6V, 9/12/15V)
• Decade Capacitor(2 digits) and Programmable Resistor

Electronics Demonstration System ED-2300

• 24 Experimental Boards in two sections : (A) Semiconductor and (B) Electronic Circuit
• Experimental Board rack and board storage cabinet

Sequence Control Trainer ED-4010

• Realistic arrangement of materials used for contact sequence
• Indication of each element’s symbol on the panel

Power Electronics Trainer ED-2040

• Covers essential circuits needed to practice power electronics circuits
• Modular type with aluminum carrying case
• Optional rack to be customized upon requst

Basic Electricity & Electronics Trainer ED-2000E

• 14 experimental boards with mounting rack and storage cabinet
• Analysis of DC and AC circuits
• Electromagnetics experiments

Basic Electricity & Electronics Trainer ED-1010

• Various types of circuit experiments with 17 basic modules plus 3 optional modules
• Main console(power supply) and storage cabinet

PC Based Power Electronics Trainer ED-1430

• 5 experimental modules for power electronics covering basic theory and applied experiments
• Capable of real-time measurements on PC by linking it to CBIS-1400 model
• By connecting PC to the Docking station, contact control is implemented on MMI(HMI) based software
• Report on experimental results & electronic manual on PC

PC Based Basic ED-1420

• 15 experimental modules for basic electricity/electronics and analog & digital circuits
• Capable of real time measurement on PC by linking it to CBIS-1400 model.
• By connecting PC to the Docking station, contact control is implemented on MMI(HMI) based software
• Report on experimental results & electronic manual on PC

Computer Based Instrument System CBIS-1400

• PC-based multi-function instrument for electricity/electronics and other experiments
• Digital Storage Oscilloscope with the 2-channel simultaneous 50MS/s sampling rate
• Spectrum Analyzer functions using Digital Storage Oscilloscope(DSO)
• Variable Power Supply(VPS), Function Generator(FG), Analog Output and Digital Output
• Analysis of collected data on PC through the modules of DSO, DMM, FC and Analog/Digital Input
• Numerical and graphical indication of the data measured and analyzed in real time

Multi Function Measuring Instrument System ED-2110

• DC Amplifier
• Complementary Amplifier
• Differential Amplifier
• Operational Amplifier
• Active Filter Circuit

Embedded Software Design Platform ED-255EK

• Basic to advanced learning courses for Embedded Linux
• Intel PXA255(400MHz) high-performance microprocessor
• 6.4TFT LCD, Ethernet 2port, Serial 3port, PCMCIA/CF/MMC interfaces
• FPGA Chip(Altera Cyclone 120,000Gate) mounted for SoC experiments
• Reliable hardware and abundant experiment contents for programming

Embedded Software Design Multi Platform ED-270M

• Foundation for the Ubiquitous System Build
• Intel PXA 270 high performance processors
• 6.4TFT LCD, Ethernet 3Port, Serial 3Port, PCMCIA/CF/MMC interfaces
• FPGA Chip Altera Cyclone 4,000 LEs(12,000 LEs Option) for SoC courses
• Processor Core Board & CMOS Image Sensor

New & Renewable Energy Trainer ED-9710

• Conversion processing experiments on the produced energy(power production / processing)
• Energy efficiency experiments followed by energy production and conversion
• Voltage and current characteristics curve
• Standalone or integrated operation of the energy experimental module
• Enriched teaching aids such as simulation software for power production

New & Renewable Energy Trainer ED-9720

• Conversion experiments on the produced energy(power production/processing)
• Characteristics of Solar Cell module’s voltage and current
• Alarm beep for wrong wire placement
• Voltmeter and ammeter as included for measuring AC and DC
• Control by PC and waveform and graph output

300W Wind Generator Kit ED-9732

• Inverse current protection
• Built-in charge controller and bulit-in battery
• Overcurrent/electric discharge protection
• 360˚ rotation by the direction of wind
• Configurable composite structure by adding optional

Fuel Cell Trainer ED-9740

• Fuel cell generation using photovoltaic
• Complete disassembly and assembly of the fuel cell
• Current and voltage measurement for PEM Fuel Cell Stack according to each of Cell
• Power production experiment using PEM Fuel cell

Fuel Cell Trainer ED-9741

• Testing of load for maximum four fuel cell at the same time
• Removable type of electrical dissolution and fuel cell from main body
• Monitoring through LabVIEW program

LED Lamp Trainer ED-9810

• Practice basic method how to operate such as basic peration, Constant voltage, Constant current, serial connection, and arallel connection
• Brightness control, Color control, and lighting
• Simulation for Steady/PWM

Lon Device Development KIT ED-5960

• Home network based experiments suitable for ubiquitous computing
• Integrated ubiquitous device using ZigBee/RFID and finger print recognition
• Designed to help develop home network on the ground of Lon Protocol
• Equipped with each PLC module(Power Line Communication) for home network
• Related experiments through Neuron C and MICOM programming

Home Network Design Platform ED-5965

• Designed to help develop network devices on the basis of Lon Protocol
• Control of each device installed in the field through power line communication
• Related experiments through Neuron C and MICOM programming
• Home network control in utilization of LabVIEW

Embedded Based Home Network Trainer ED-5967

• Home network control in liaison with Embedded PXA 255/270/272/320
• Power line communication and ZigBee modules with Multi Port in use together
• Embedded

Ubiquitous Sensor Network Trainer ED-3160

• The optional Embedded System(ED-255EK) can be linked as a gateway
• ZigBee network can be built using TinyOS, F8WOS
• Capable of control and monitor through Ethernet
• The RFID Card Reader is supplied as a standard shipped component for applied experiments on security, home automation and robot

PC Based RFID Trainer ED-1450

• The electronic manual operable on PC comes with ED-1450 and e-learning is optimized by remote control of student’s operating program and evaluation of student’s online report in real time.
• Through DS-1410, it provides Variable Power Supply(VPS), Function Generator(FG), Analog Output, Digital Output needed for experiments.

RFID Application Trainer ED-3100

• Various types of test point for Air-interface experiments
• Anti-collision function
• OCX Library useful for application engineers
• 13.56MHz I-CODE Type in common usage
• Capability of reading and writing data on Tag

RFID Application Trainer ED-3710

• F/W program practices for RFID Reader
• 13.56MHz and 900MHz in common use
• Data Read/Write to 900MHz Tag
• ED-3710 application programming (13.56MHz, 900MHz)
• Fixed Type RFID Reader

LAN Training System ED-NET-3

• Panel type structure for good grasp of entire network configuration
• Learning about the functions and characteristics of basic network equipments such as NIC, HUB, Router and DSU, plus installation and maintenance
• Interlocking experiments with Internet for clear understanding a real network
• Capable of conneting to the open network on campus

ADSL Training System ED-NET-2

• Study of functions, characteristics, installation, repair and maintenance of basic ADSL components such as Telephone Exchange, Splitter, DSLAM, ADSL Modem, HUB and LAN Card
• Network structure through interworking experiments with Internet and capability of Internet usage and simple programming
• Capable of interworking experiments with ED-NET-3(LAN Training System)

Network Training System Series ED-NET4-x

• Step by step courses on the networks theories to train the engineers
• CISCO Router based training will help obtain CCNA, CCNP, CCIE certificates
• Functions and characteristics of network system(LAN Card, Router, L2 Switching Hub, L3 Switching Hub)
• 19Rack type structure for effective network configuration
• Optimized learning system for the Router based on one on one training(OPTION)

CDMA Training Kit ED-2945

• Rich experiments devoted to IS95 standard
• Easy-to-follow structure as main functions are itemized in modules

PC Based Digital Communication Trainer ED-1440

• The Electronic Manual operable on PC comes with ED-1440 and e-learning is optimized by remote control of student’s operating program and evaluation of student’s online peport in real time.
• Through DS-1410, it provides Variable Power Supply(VPS), Function Generator(FG), Analog Output, Digital Output needed for experiments.

PC Based Analog Communication Trainer ED-1460

• Interlocking system package with CBIS-1400 and DS-1410 Models (Options)
• Experiments on a measurable low frequency bandwidth
• Realistic experiments on modulation and demodulation
• Verification of the output waveform on PC engaged with CBIS-1400 Model

Pulse/Digital Communication Trainer ED-2920

• Modularized by each communicarion type
• PAM, PTM, PCM, DPCM, ADPCM, LDM, ADM, Delta-sigma
• No need to have additional generators (built-in power supply and signal source)
• Can display the test point and measure signals using an oscilloscope

Electronic Communication Trainer ED-2950

• 10 experimental modules with a mainframe console
• Basic concepts on the communication systems
• Experiments on the broadcast frequency band tuning
• Generation of AM and FM waves and detection theory

Telecommunication Trainer ED-2960

• 7 experimental modules with a mainframe console
• Harmonic Analysis and Superheterodyne Receiver experiments
• PCM(TDM), Sample Hold, and Delta Modulation experiments

Digital Communication Trainer ED-2970

• Modularized by the function of digital communication circuits
• FSK, ASK, PSK, QPSK and digital communication principles
• 12 types of modules including a power supply unit

Optical Communication Trainer ED-2980

• E/O and O/E conversion and characteristics
• Optical PCM communication(trasmission&reception)
• Optical Data communications using personal computer
• DC power supply, a roll of fiber cable and the microphone included as peripherals

Multiplexed Communication Trainer ED-2990

• PLL and Digital Synthesizer
• PAM, PCM, FDM and FSK Modem
• 10types of module including DC Power Supply

Microwave Trainer ED-3000

• Gunn Oscillator base system
• Directional Coupler & Horn Antenna
• Frequency : 9GHz~11GHz (X-Band)
• Microwave output : 15mV

Antenna Trainer ED-3200

• 16 different types of Antenna
• RF source generation : 500MHz, 2GHz and 10GHz
• Software simulation of radiation Patterns and characteristics of Antenna
• Antenna Directional Coupler (Manual / Remote)

Microstrip Line Trainer ED-3300

• Helps understand theories on the Microstrip Line Theory and Microwave Elements Design
• Composed of 22 types of modules such as VCO using Coupler, Divider, Circulator, Attenuator and Filter
• SWR Detector, Modulation, Transmission/Reception, Detector, Self-Oscillation functions

AM Transceiver Trainer ED-3400

• HF band(3.5~12MHz)
• Transmitter and Receiver modules for each circuit stage
• Graphical latour of the block diagrams, plus LEDs and test points
• Covers Push-to-Talk and helps understand short wave communications

FM Transceiver Trainer ED-3600

• Realistic Simulation of FM stereo broadcast
• Graphical layout of block diagrams, display elements and test points
• Covers the principles of FM stereo encoder and decoder
• Experiments on stereo amplifier (equalizer, tone control, pre-amp, etc.)


• Best solution for IPTV platform and IPTV Digital Broadcasting System in applications and experiments
• High-performance Microprocessor SIGMA EM8622 for powerful multimedia functions
• IPTV Set-top Box, Media Player, Digital Multimedia Processing

Intelligent Education Robot Platform ED-7270

• Ideal for the Ubiquitous and Home Network based experiments
• Home security experiments on utilization of its unattended security function
• Robot control API using Visual C++ and control functions by Visual Basic Scripter
• Next Generation Cell(Lithium Lon) – compact size and increase in life time

Omni-Directional Mobile Robot ED-7275

• Omni-directional robot system
• Microprocessor based control command as for simple use
• Floor detecting sensor and forward area detecting distance sensor as mounted
• Mountable expansion by adding the optional ultrasonic sensor and infrared sensor

Sensor Trainer For Factory Automation ED-6830

• Integrated sensor training system covering electricity, electronics, automation and chemistry
• Consists of 24 sensor modules, 8 application modules, 5 conversion modules, 2 signal prossing modules, 11 pneumatic components and power supply
• PC-based control for convenient, effective data collection and analysis
• Application module experiments(illumination, pneumatic auto coor, motor, temperature) for enhancing field experiences

Conveyor Control Simulation Unit CU-4001

• Belt-type conveyor simulator
• Control Modes : manual or automatic by programmable Logic Controller
• Three photo sensors and two motion solenoids

Inverter Motor Trainer ED-4304

• Practical training on inverter and 3-phase induction motor operations
• Control experiments using a PLC module (in use of D/A module)
• Feasible contact-type PLC control
• Carrying case type structure for convenient storage and mobility

AC Servo Motor Trainer ED-4303

• Experiments on Servo Motor control techniques using Servo Driver
• Aluminum carrying case for convenient storage and mobility
• JOG operation, PLC control operation, PC control operation
• Various types of control elements easily to be mounted
• Capable of checking normal operating voltage / over current by voltmeter and ammeter

DC Servo Motor Trainer ED-4302

• Display of the rotational speed and angle data using LCD
• PC control and waveform output functions
• Portable type with Aluminum Carrying Case

Stepping Motor Trainer ED-4301

• Graphical display of functonal block diagram on the system suface
• Real-time monitoring and control by PC Control Program
• LM Guide and Rotary Encoder for position control
• Displays moving distance and angle data using LCD

Inverter Trainer ED-4280M

• Aluminum hard case structure for mobility
• Applied experiments on the motor’s rotation characteristics
• AC motor control technology using the inverter
• Interlocking experiments with Programmable Logic Controller

Servo Unit Trainer ED-4270M

• Experiments on various types of special control unit
• Characteristics of Servo Motor and setup of Servo Driver
• Essential components in automation using a PLC position module
• 4mm banana jack to increase wiring capability

Modular Sequence Trainer ED-4010P

• Aluminum Profile-based work table structure for mounting the components
• Manufacturing electrical composition elements in modular type using actual components
• Wiring practices and circuit composition to configure sequence composition elements on the working board
• Various contents linked with e-learning such as wiring, operation and etc.

Microprocessor Combo II ED-4513

• Mountable 5pieces MCU(8051,PIC, ATmega128, ATmega8535, upd78F0547)
• Practice of various communications such as RS-232 USB and Ethernet
• SoC experiments using the default FPGA (EP1C4F324)
• Storage of sensor data display and excel data using UI(LabVIEW)

Microprocessor Combo ED-4512

• Mountable 5 type of MCU(8051,PIC, Atmega128, Atmega8535, Upd78f0547)
• Practice of various communications such as RS-232 USB and Ethernet
• Practice from basic I/O exercises to sensor application exercises with 5 MCU’s
• Possible of various practice by using of Bread Board and I/O Expansion Port
• Storage of sensor data display and Excel data using UI(LabVIEW)

Small Desktop Type PLC Trainer ED-4260MD

• Small desk type structure for space optimization
• Built-in DC power supply for convenience
• Handy experiments on the basic and application programming commands
• Base structure capable of expansion by mounting the special modules

Portable Siemens PLC Trainer ED-4260SP

• Comprehensive experiments on PLC, Inverter, Touch Panel and Sensor
• Various programming experiments including digital numeric value
• Aluminum case structure for convenient storage and mobility
• Built-in DC power supply as part of system for handy practices
• All-in-one training system which comes with the inverter and touch panel

Portable Mitsubishi PLC Trainer ED-4260MP

• Industrial training enhancement in the field of PLC and sequence control
• Various types of programming experiments covering a digital numeric program
• Aluminum case structure for storage and locomotive convenience
• Built-in DC power supply and built-in expansion port

Portable PLC Trainer ED-4260P

• Composed of essential devices for Programmable Logic Controller I/O commands
• LD (Ladder Diagram), IL (Instruction List), SFC (Sequential Function)
• Built-in Simulator to train on the encoder’s principle and functions
• Stepping motor and DC motor installed as standard (forward/reverse rotation, linear movement)
• Capable of network configuration by CPU and Remote I/C Link

Siemens Simatic STEP7-300 Modular PLC Trainer ED-4260S

• SIMATIC STEP7-300 PLC programming and execution
• Modularization of the devices dssential for PLC I/O commands
• Experiments for basic command and various application program
• Binary data experiments with 4digits digital switch and display unit
• Customizable for various types of STEP7-300 series CPU

Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q Modular PLC Trainer ED-4260M

• MITSUBISHI MELSEC-Q PLC programming and execution
• Modularization of the devices essential for PLC I/O commands
• Experiments for basic command and various application program
• Binary data experiments with 4digits digital switch and display unit
• Various types of QCPU can be selected from a basic to hyper performance

Allen-Bradley SLC-500 Modular PLC Trainer ED-4260AB

• ALLEN-BRADLEY SLC-500 PLC programming and execution
• Modularization of the devices essential for PLC I/O commands
• Experiments for basic command and various application program
• Binary data experiments with 4digits digital switch and display unit
• Customizable for various types of SLC-500 Series CPU upon request

Programmable Logic Control Trainer ED-4260

• Monitoring of internal data through the 4-digit LED
• LD (Ladder Diagram), IL (Instruction List), SFC (Sequential Function)
• Stepping motor and DC motor installed as standard for rotational / linear movement
• Basic 3 Modules : Input Controller, Output Simulator, Count & Position Simulator

Universal PLC Trainer ED-UPLC

• Docking System architecture separating the main body from PLC modules
• Various types of Programmable Logic Controller experiments
• Modular structure for convenient storage and mobility
• Built-in multi connection device compatible with world’s famous PLC brands

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Demonstrator ED-5820/ED-5840

• Easy-to-use demonstarator for principles of refrigeration/airconditioning
• Motor Compressor : Pison type
• Trouble shooting for pipe leakage

4-axis Rectangular Coordinates Robot Trainer ED-XYZ

• Experiments on the 4-axis Cartesian robot
• Teaching pendant in 7.5wide color touch panel
• Standard language for the international industrial robot
• Simulation software in three dimension

4-axis SCARA Robot Trainer ED-HS4

• Experiments on the industrial SCARA robot
• Teaching pendant in 7.5wide color touch panel
• Standard language for the international industrial robot
• Simulation software in three dimension

6-axis Multi Joint Robot Trainer ED-VP6

• Experiments on the industrial robot being used in real life
• Teaching pendant in 7.5wide color touch panel
• Standard language for the international industrial robot
• Simulation software in three dimension

Assembling Robot Trainer ED-7300

• Disassembly and assembly practices for the robot actuators
• Utilization of a robot being used in the industry, so to apply a job site after graduation
• Simulation software provided to make assembly or disassembly easily
• Enables basic operation and testing practices on the assembled unit using a controller

Fluid Process Control Trainer ED-FPC

• Control of pressure, flow, level and temperature which are essential for process control
• Capable of stand-alone control and mixed combination in various types
• Real-time measurement and monitoring using data collection and signal conditioning
• Measurement of flow’s status and gain of the controlled data

Mini MPS (Modular Production System) ED-9160

• Organization of various control elements in complexity for applied technology
• Total of 6 processes comprising supply, Sensor, Stopper, Absorption & Transfer, Conveyor and Loading
• Built-in control elements covering mechanics, electricity, and electronics
• Control circuit for simple and high speed data transmission in the USB type

Block Modular Production System ED-9150

• Small size type suitable for traning on automation system’s installation and operation
• Mechanism and installation methods through assembly and disassembly per process
• Enhancement of application programming techniques through PLC control

Factory Automation Trainer ED-4031

• Comprehension of basic production automation processes such as transfer, fabrication, classification, inspection and storage
• Convenient wiring and pipe arrangement with a label of each component such as sensors and actuators
• PLC training system function(various types of sequence actions through a change in PLC control program
• Counter/timer function and motor control by PLC or without PLC(electrical method)
• Aluminum profile worktable & control modules for easy mounting

Flexible Manufacturing System ED-FMS1

• Stores at the cell designated by crane
• Stores according to color and materials
• Selecting and taking at the time of cell is full

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Trainer ED-CIM

• Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Training System under the application of advanced control technology for real field experiences
• Capable of “per unit” configuration into the two or more processes, or entire processes for customized experiments by combining each process

5-axis Arm Robot Trainer ED-7255

• Consists of one gripper and 5-axis vertical multi joints
• Absolute-type RVDT Position Sensor applied to each axis and requires no Limit switch
• High performance CPU enables real-time control of each axis
• PID gain tuning and real-time control

Robot Assembly Kit Trainer ED-7271

• Enriched examples for the beginning level to an advanced level in the robot class
• Easy to mount modules by the clamping device
• USB high speed(480Mbps) interface
• Extensive learning for the sensors being used in the field of Ubiquitous and Home Network
• Image processing practice using USB Camera

Intelligent Robot Development Kit ED-7273

• Obstacle avoidance and autonomous traveling using eight ultrasonic sensors
• Various types of robot configuration by combining each module
• Remote control by the controller
• Precise operation by DC Servo Motor
• Flow chart based programming software

Pneumatics Trainer ED-7860

• Convenient parts fixation by ‘one-touch lever’ bases and aluminum profile structure
• Efficient space utilization by mounting parts horizontally/vertically
• A complete pneumatic training system to help achieve advanced level of skills and obtain pneumatic engineering related licensesOver

Transparent Hydraulic Trainer ED-7964

• Convenient parts fixation by ‘one-touch lever’ bases and aluminum profile structure
• Efficient space utilization by mounting parts horizontally/vertically
• 41 transparent hydraulic and electrical/electronic parts plus various optional components.
• Various hydraulic devices and components for Flexible Manufacturing System

Components Of Hydraulics Transparency THT-7964-1

• Maximum Operating Pressure : 3Mpa(30kgf/cm2)
• Hose’s Diameter : Outside ø6/Inside ø4
• Hose’s Length : 1500mm
• Rectangular Block Type

Hydraulics Trainer ED-7960

• Convenient parts fixation by ‘one-touch lever’ bases and aluminum profile structure
• Efficient space utilization by mounting parts horizontally/vertically
• 64 hydraulic and electrical/electronic parts plus 20 types of optional components.
• Various hydraulic devices and components for Flexible Manufacturing System

SVAN 979 Sound & Vibration Analyser

• Super contrast (10000:1) colour OLED display
• Built-in signal generator
• All weather microphone protection SA 279
• Hand held, light weight and robust case

SVAN 977A Sound & Vibration Analyser

• Building acoustic
• Ultrasound/infrasound
• High level/low level noise
• Machine vibration

SVAN 977W Sound & Vibration Analyser WELMEC

• Sound measurements
• Environmental noise
• Occupational noise

SVAN 971 Sound Level Meter

• Audio events recording (option)
• Statistical analysis
• Time-history with two logging steps
• Automated calibration start

SVAN 958A Four Channels Sound & Vibration Analyser

• FFT cross spectra
• RT 60 reverberation time
• Acoustic dose meter
• Human Vibration measurements

SV 106A Human Vibration Meter & Analyser

• Six channels for acceleration (IEPE type) and two channels for static force measurements
• Whole-Body measurements with seat accelerometer SV 38V
• Hand-Arm measurements with SV 105A or SV 150 triaxial accelerometers
• Option for time-domain signal recording (meeting ISO 2631-5)

SVAN 974 Vibration Meter

• OLED colour display
• MicroSD card
• Advanced trigger function
• Power supply by four AA rechargeable or standard batteries

SV 103 Vibration Dosimeter

• Personal Daily Vibration Exposure Meter complying to ISO 8041
• Measurement under gloves according to ISO 10819
• Tri-axial accelerometer complying to ISO 5349
• Contact force measurement

SV 100A Whole-body vibration exposure meter

• Wireless BT communication
• Auto-detection of the operator
• Weighting filters complying to ISO 2631-1
• Calculation of A(8) Daily Exposure

SV 110 Vibration Calibrator

• Easy calibration of hand-arm vibration meters and as well as machine vibration meters
• Calibrator operates on two frequencies 79.6 Hz and 159.2 Hz
• In-field accelerometer checks according to ISO 8041
• Built-in triaxial reference accelerometer

SV 111 Vibration Calibrator

• Self-contained portable vibration calibrator
• Easy calibration of all type of vibration transducers for acceleration, velocity and displacement at 79.6 Hz and 159.2 Hz
• In-field accelerometer checks according to ISO 8041
• Built-in reference accelerometer

SV 105B Triaxial Hand-Arm Accelerometer

• Meets ISO 8041 and ISO 5349
• Low-power consumption
• No disturbance to operator
• Dedicated to SV 106A instrument
• TEDS memory

SV 38V Seat Accelerometer

• Low-power consumption
• Robust technology
• TEDS memory
• Low price

SV 33A Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator

• Effective Load Volume Sensitivity
• Level Stabilisation Time
• Calibrated Microphones

SV 34A Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator

• Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
• SPL Tolerance
• Frequency Tolerance

SV 35A Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator

• Temperature Range
• Atmospheric Pressure Range
• Humidity Range

SV 36 Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator

• Ambient Temperature 23 °C
• Atmospheric Pressure 101.3 kPa
• Humidity 30 % ÷ 80 % RH

SV 104A Noise Dosimeter

• Built-in tri-axial accelerometer for vibration shock (knocking) detection
• High contrast color OLED display
• Option for octave real-time analysis

SV 104IS Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

• High contrast color OLED display
• Option for octave real-time analysis
• Option for audio events recording (wave format)
• Voice tagging

SV 102+ Dual Channel Noise Dosimeter

• Advanced data logger with audio-events-recording (option)
• Automatic calibration thanks to the TEDS technology
• MicroSD card 8 GB
• USB interface

SA 104-5 Five-way docking station

• Power supply SA 33, 12 VDC, min. 1.2A
• Charging contacts voltage 5.6 VDC Umax = 6.6 V

SV 258 PRO Vibration & Noise Monitoring Station

• 1/3 Octave PEAK, RMS or MAX analysis
• WAV recording
• On-line access
• Tri-axial measurement of vibration plus class 1 noise

SV 150 Hand-arm triaxial accelerometer

• Measurement range 2000 ms-2 PEAK
• Frequency response 0 Hz ÷ 1500 Hz
• Resonant frequency 16.5 kHz (MEMS transducer)

SV 151 Triaxial accelerometer

• Sensitivity (± 5 %) 5.81 mV/ms-2 at 15.915 Hz
• Measurement range 160 ms-2 PEAK
• Frequency response 0 Hz ÷ 500 Hz

SV 84 Building Ground Vibration Accelerometer

• Piezoelectic accelerometer dedicated to building/ground structure vibration measurements
• Compatible with SVAN 958A and SV 106
• Hermetically sealed

SV 81 General Purpose Accelerometer 500 mVg

• Sensitivity (± 5 %) 50 mV/(ms-2) ~ 500 mV/g
• Measurement range 0.002 ms-2 rmS ÷ 100 ms-2 PEAK
• Resonant frequency 16 kHz

SV 80 General Purpose Accelerometer 100mVg

• Supply current 2 mA ÷ 10 mA
• Supply voltage 22 V ÷ 28 V
• Bias voltage +12 VdC

SV 200 Noise Monitoring Station

• Class 1 according to IEC 61672
• Integrated high speed 3G or Wi-Fi modem
• Automatic time synchronization
• Large windscreen against high-speed wind

SV 307 Noise Monitoring Terminal

• Removable housing protecting the system against harsh environmental conditions (IP66)
• Integrated remote system check for full system verification
• Integrated high speed 3G modem

SV 279 PRO Noise Monitoring Station

• Detector Time Constants
• Microphone
• Preamplifier
• RMS Detector

Omicron ARCO 400 Universal test set for recloser controls

• Easy testing solution for any recloser control
• Smart Connect for recognizing recloser specific adapter cables
• Compact and lightweight for easy transportation
• Rugged design for use in harsh weather conditions

Omicron CIBANO 500 3-in-1 test system for medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers

• One system for medium or high-voltage circuit breakers with live or dead tank design
• Low wiring effort
• One clear report for all tests

Omicron CMC 256 + High precision relay test set and universal calibrator

• Protection test set and universal calibrator in one device
• Testing of all relay generations – electromechanical, static, numerical, IEC 61850
• Highly accurate test signals. For meter testing: The sources are the reference – no additional reference meters are required

Omicron CMC 310 Test set for basic three-phase testing

• Easy manual testing with the CMControl P unit and the CMControl P App running on a Windows PC or an Android Tablet
• Portable and lightweight testing solution
• Reduced testing efforts, increased productivity

Omicron CMC 353 Compact and versatile three-phase relay test set

• Compact design and light weight
• High current amplitudes for 5 A relay testing
• Powerful current sources for testing electromechanical relays

Omicron CMC 356 Universal relay test set and commissioning tool

• Powerful current sources for testing even high-burden electromechanical relays
• High current amplitudes for 5 A relay testing
• High accuracy and versatility for testing static and numerical relays of all types

Omicron CMC 430 Ultra-portable protection test set and calibrator

• Precise test signals for protection testing and device calibration
• Robust design with shock absorbing edge protection
• All terminals on front side

Omicron CMC 850 Protection test set dedicated to IEC 61850

• Embedded functions accessible with standard Web browser
• Test Universe software operation
• 12 low level analog outputs, e.g. for stimulating devices with low level inputs

Omicron CMControl P Simple testing of protection and measurement devices with CMC test sets

• Simple and fast testing with innovative user guidance
• Runs on Windows & Android devices and on the dedicated front panel control unit
• Reduced testing efforts, increased productivity

Omicron CMS 356 Voltage and current amplifier

• Calculation and output of residual voltage and current
• Parallel connection of several CMS 356 units for even higher current amplitudes
• All current and voltage outputs are fully overload and short circuit proof

Omicron COMPANO 100 Primary injection, secondary injection and basic protection test set

• Accurate output of desired value
• Run complex predefined sequences and ramps
• Polarity check signal generation for quick setup of wiring tests

Omicron CPC 100 Universal primary injection test set for substation assets

• Up to 800 A or 2000 V with up to 5 kVA over a frequency range of 15 Hz - 400 Hz or 400 A DC
• Excellent interference suppression facilitates measurement of small signals
• Easy to transport (just 29 kg) – ideal for on-site testing

Omicron CPC 80/CP TD1 Capacitance/dissipation factor test system

• Reliable and exceptionally precise results even under extreme conditions due to excellent noise suppression
• Automated storage of test results and report generation
• Built-in safety features provide highest operator safety during testing

Omicron CT Analyzer Current transformer testing, calibration and assessment

• Highest measurement accuracy: 0.02 % / 1 min when calibrating on site
• Very small and lightweight (< 8 kg / 17.4 lbs), easy to transport for on-site testing
• Automatic evaluation according to IEC, IEEE and to customized or local/national standards

Omicron DANEO 400 Hybrid signal analyzer for power utility automation systems

• Hybrid measurement of analog/binary signals and network traffic
• Distributed recording with multiple time-synchronized devices
• IEC 61850 communication verification based on SCL information
• Live observation of measurement values and IEC 61850 messages

Omicron DIRANA FDS-PDC dielectric response analyzer

• Fully automatic parameter setting and improved moisture assessment for optimal results
• Support of ester filled assets due to new databases for synthetic and natural ester
• Guided workflow for test setup, execution and assessment for easy analysis without expert knowledge
• Compact all-in-one test set

Omicron FRANEO 800 Sweep frequency response analyzer

• Reproducible results thanks to an innovative connection technique
• Guided workflow for test setup, execution and assessment for easy analysis without expert knowledge
• Fast measurement times due to the intelligent sweep algorithm
• Extremely small and compact device guarantees optimum usability

Omicron ISIO 200 Binary input/output (I/O) terminal with IEC 61850 interface

• Testing of complex protection schemes with CMC test sets
• Remote control of binary outputs
• Indication of GOOSE timeouts and malfunctions using alarm output contact
• Integration of conventional devices into IEC 61850 systems

Omicron MONGEMO Permanent on-line partial discharge monitoring system for power generators and electrical motors

• Customized system approach to match specific monitoring requirements
• Synchronous, four-channel PD data acquisition for complete PD assessment
• Advanced noise suppression and fully automated PD cluster separation for convenient evaluation

Omicron MPD 600 High-end measuring and analysis system for partial discharges

• Unsurpassed immunity to interference for partial discharge measurements, even under difficult operating conditions
• High measurement accuracy thanks to completely digital data processing
• Quickly and easily extendible to a virtually unlimited number of channels

Omicron OMS 605 System Portable on-line partial discharge diagnosis and monitoring system for various electrical assets

• All-in-one solution for on-line PD diagnosis and monitoring
• Easy to transport to different locations
• Plug-and-play modules for fast system set-up
• Compatible with a variety of PD sensors

Omicron TANDO 700 Precise measurement of dissipation factor, power factor and capacitance

• Reliable measurement accuracy in heavy interference environments
• Galvanic isolation for optimum safety during setup and operation
• Large input measurement range for a wide variety of test objects

Omicron TESTRANO 600 Three-phase power transformer test system

• Powerful device (3x 33 A DC and 400 V AC)
• One setup for multiple tests, less re-connecting
• Three times faster testing

Omicron VOTANO 100 Accurate and mobile voltage transformer testing and calibration system

• Determination of VT ratio and phase angle accuracy for different voltage levels
• VT winding resistance measurement of secondary windings
• Determination of magnetization characteristics
• Leakage reactance measurement

BAUR ATG 2 Burn down transformer

• Portable device for changing the fault resistance
• Useful for cables that are difficult to access
• Proven methods for complicated faults
• Independent current and voltage control on each burning level

BAUR ATG 6000 Burn down transformer

• Proven methodes for cable faults that are difficult to locate
• Useful for cables that are difficult to access
• Robust construction for reliable functions
• Independent current and voltage control on each burning level

BAUR CL 20 Cable Locator

• Fast and exact location of position and laying depth of cables
• Intuitive operation – no special measurement knowledge required
• Lightweight and manageable

BAUR DPA 75 C Oil breakdown voltage tester

• Compact and robust device for portable use onsite
• Test voltages from 0 to 75 kVrms
• Repeatable breakdown measurements in mineral, silicone and plant oils
• Reliable measurement results due to its short switch-off time (< 10 μs)

BAUR DTA 100 C Oil breakdown voltage tester

• Fully automatic measurement sequence
• Suitable for mineral or silicone oils and easther liquids
• Reliable, reproducible measurement results using the latest measument technology
• Designed for daily countinous operations in laboratories

BAUR DTA IL Oil breakdown voltage tester

• Inline insulating oil testing in oil preparation systems
• Quality assurance during production processes
• Improved, easy oil sample handling
• Integration in existing production process control possible

BAUR DTL C Oil breakdown voltage tester

• Fully automatic dissipation factor measurement
• Pre-programmed standards
• Maximum accuracy

BAUR frida VLF testing and diagnostics unit

• Precise and non-destructive determination of the cable condition
• Easy and quick test setup
• Automatic testing and diagnostic sequences
• Compact dimensions and lightweight

BAUR frida TD VLF testing and diagnostics unit

• Cable testing and dissipation factor diagnostics in one device
• Easy and quick test setup
• Automatic testing and diagnostic sequences
• Compact dimensions and lightweight

BAUR Report Manager

• Automatic export of measurement logs as PDF and text file
• Reports in various languages with costomised logo

BAUR IRG 2000 Time domain reflectometer

• Easy and quick cable fault location
• Light, compact and manageable
• Main unit for the tried-and-tested pre-location method
• Ideal for integration in measurement systems

BAUR KMF 1 Search receiver

• Battery mode
• Zero point compensation
• Accurate location of cable sheath faults
• Battery test

BAUR KSG 200 / KSG 200 T

• Cable identification on all types of de-energised cables
• Reliable verification of the cable identification by means
• of the highly precise three-factor-analysis ATP
• Safe cable identification on live low-voltage cables
• Connection technology according to CAT IV/600 V

BAUR liona Online PD Spot Tester

• Automatic PD detection during normal mains operation (without switching off the cable route)
• With DeCIFer® technology: PD identification based on 500 million measurement results
• Precise online PD mapping with PD transponder

BAUR UL 30 Audio frequency system

• Output energy up to 50 VA
• Automatic or manual impedance adjustment
• Charging unit and rechargeable battery integrated; battery or mains operation
• Continuous or cyclical output

BAUR paula Phase detector

• Clear phase determination possible in cable lengths up to 40 km
• Highest level of safety when used on earthed and shorted cables in compliance with EN 50110-1 (DIN VDE 0105-100)
• Suitable for all switchgear constructions due to compact design of the signal injectors
• Ready for operation for up to 2 weeks (standby mode)

BAUR PD-SGS Handheld online PD detector

• Initial rapid condition evaluation of switchgear and cable accessories during mains operation
• Ideal for quick checks of MV and HV switchgear

BAUR PGK 25 DC high-voltage test device

• Compact device for DC voltage testing with negative polarity
• Continuously adjustable output voltage
• Perfect for mobile use

BAUR PGK 50E / PGK 80E DC high-voltage test device

• Continuous adjustable output voltage
• The voltage measurement is done directly at the high voltage output
• Timer of 1-30 min
• Sensitive current measurement for recording the smallest of insulation currents with 6-time range switch, decadal

BAUR PGK 70 HB High-voltage test device

• Testing of medium- and high-voltage cables
• DC voltage testing of up to 70 kV output voltage with positive or negative polarity
• AC voltage testing - up to 55 kV for switchgear, busbars and insulating elements
• Easy-to-maintain 2-piece design

BAUR PGK 70/2.5 HB High-voltage test device

• Operation as DC or Ac testing device
• Polarity of the DC voltage can be easily be reserved
• Robust and durable

BAUR PGK 110/5 HB High-voltage test device

• Testing as DC or Dc testing device
• Polarity of the DC voltage can easily be reversed
• Robust and durable

BAUR PGK 110 HB High-voltage test device

• Testing of medium- and high-voltage cables
• DC voltage testing of up to 110 kV output voltage with positive or negative polarity
• AC voltage testing - up to 80 kV for switchgear, busbars and insulating elements
• Easy-to-maintain 2-piece design

BAUR PGK 150 / 5 HB High-voltage test device

• Testing of medium- and high-voltage cables
• DC voltage testing of up to 150 kV output voltage with positive or negative polarity
• AC voltage testing - up to 110 kV for switchgear, busbars and insulating elements
• Easy-to-maintain 2-piece design

BAUR PHG 70 TD PD / PHG 80 TD PD VLF test and diagnostics system

• Compact, enclosed design in 19” format
• Variable installation option with separate control and voltage unit
• Variable connection options to cable stations of different models

BAUR shirla Cable sheath testing and fault location system

• Cable and cable sheath testing up to 10 kVC
• Resistance measurement
• Cable and cable sheath fault pre-location with precision measuring bridge
• Adjustable cable sections that can be defined with length, conductor cross-section and material respectively and can be considered in the distance calculation

BAUR PHG 70 / PHG 80 portable VLF test system

• 3 voltage shapes in one device: VLF truesinus®, VLF square wave and DC voltage
• For medium-voltage cables of up to 50 kV operating voltage
• Cable testing, fault conditioning, cable sheath testing

BAUR SSG 500 Surge voltage generator

• 6 output voltages up to max. 16 kV available
• Electromagnetically actuated surge switch
• Preselectable surge energy: 288 / 512 Ws (in all voltage ranges)
• Automatic discharge unit

BAUR SSG Series Surge voltage generator

• High surge voltage up to 32 kV
• Continuously adjustable voltage
• Voltage monitoring through kV meters with 3 measuring ranges
• Automatic discharge unit

BAUR Syscompact 2000 Mobile cable fault location system

• Fast and reliable
• Precise, dependable cable fault location
• High performance high voltage unit
• Integrated proven cable fault pre-location methods

BAUR Syscompact 2000 portable

• Fast and reliable
• Precise, dependable cable fault location
• High performance high voltage unit
• Integrated proven cable fault pre-location methods

BAUR Syscompact 2000 M pro

• Fully integrated proven cable fault pre-location methods
• Surge mode for acoustic pin-pointing
• Easily transportable
• Ideal for locations that are difficult to access

BAUR TDR 500/510 Time domain reflectometer

• Configurable for various measurement ranges and cable types
• Standard-compliant, safe measurements on live cables through the measurement category CAT IV / 600 V
• Ideal for fault location in the area of telecommunication, video technology, data and security technology

BAUR TG 20/50 Audio frequency transmitter

• Automatic or manual impedance adjustment
• Charging unit and rechargeable battery integrated; battery or mains operation
• Continuous or cyclical output
• Two output frequencies selectable

BAUR TG 600 Audio frequency transmitter

• High-performance audio frequency transmitter up to 600 VA
• Frequency of 2 or 10 kHz, quartz-stabilised (other frequencies on request)
• Potential-free output
• Impedance adjustment in 8 steps from 0.3 to 300 Ω

BAUR tracy Partial discharge inductor

• Portable, battery-operated signal coupling device
• Suitable for cables and cable accessories
• Inductive signal coupling
• Aviods costly, unnecessary replacements of PD-free cable accessories

BAUR viola and viola TD High-voltage test and diagnostics device

• High performance and compact
• Precise and non-destructive determination of the cable condition
• Easy and quick test setup
• Automatic testing and diagnostic sequences



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