R&S SLG Satellite Load Generator

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R&S SLG Satellite Load Generator

Cod: R&S SLG Satellite Load Generator
Rohde & Schwarz
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» Specificatii tehnice

The R&S®SLG satellite load generator is a multichannel signal generator for digital satellite TV. It is the world's first integrated instrument to simulate TV satellite bands with full channel load. The R&S®SLG generates satellite TV signals using different standards and parameters and combines them in any desired manner. Users can simulate any conceivable uplink and downlink configurations in the lab.

The R&S®SLG has a frequency range from 250 MHz to 3225 MHz, covering all satellite IF frequency bands used worldwide. The R&S®SLG can simultaneously generate up to 32 digital satellite TV transponder signals in line with the DVB-S/S2, DVB-S2X, ISDB-S/S3 and turbo standards or, alternatively, one signal in line with DVB‑S2wideband. Up to 16 transponders can transmit MPEG transport streams; the other transponders carry PRBS data. The transport streams are fed into the instrument via IP or ASI inputs. The R&S®SLG uses its integrated transport stream generator to play short transport stream files. Each channel can contain an ARB waveform or a CW carrier instead of a TV signal.

The R&S®SLG is primarily suited for performing RF tests on satellite TV components. Its interfaces, which are commonly used in consumer electronics and professional satellite electronics, make the generator ideal for testing tuners and set-top boxes as well as upconverters, amplifiers and satellite payloads. Because it can simultaneously generate multiple channels with high symbol rates, the R&S®SLG is also well suited for performing stress tests on systems that process large data quantities, such as transcoders, conditional access middleware and military surveillance data processing systems.



  • Satellite IF range from 250 MHz to 3225 MHz
  • Up to 32 simultaneous transponder signals
  • Independent setting of symbol rate, FEC, level and frequency
  • DVB-S/S2, DVB-S2X, DVB-S2 wideband, ISDB-S/S3 and turbo modulation standards
  • Signal quality of 40 dB MER (typ.)

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Produs: R&S SLG Satellite Load Generator