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Deviser E7000B Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Cod: Deviser E7000B
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The demand for high-speed wireless service has resulted in the deployment of advanced cell sites, many of which employ RF technology or newer fiber-based feedlines. As with traditional RF networks, where connectors are often the root problem to system performance, contamination in fiber connectors is the most common problem associated with the fiber feedline. Since a majority of wireless network performance issues occur within the base station infrastructure, consisting of the feedline (RF or fiber), antenna system and associated connectors, it is imperative that all wireless networks with fiber-based feedlines verify the performance of both RF and fiber-based systems. Designed specifically for carriers, wireless professionals and contractors who install, maintain and troubleshoot wireless communications networks (RF or fiber), the E7000B Cable & Antenna Analyzer provides an integrated solution that tests both RF and fiber-based wireless cell sites, thereby eliminating the need to carry multiple instruments. All necessary measurement functions and performance are included to accurately diagnose and verify both RF and fiber-based feedlines, antenna system and connectors. Fiber-based measurements include Fiber Scope to detect and identify dirty/damaged connections, Visual Fiber Location (VFL) to access fiber continuity and detect excessive bends and breaks in the fiber, as well as verifying if the correct fiber is routed to the correct RRU Port, and Optical Power Meter to verify transmission power level.



  • RF and fiber testing in a single solution
  • Handheld, lightweight, field-proven design withstands harsh environments and lighting conditions
  • Easily set up measurements with over 100 preset wireless frequency bands and cable types
  • Reduce test time with dual measurement display to make two measurements simultaneously
  • Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay
  • Instant Pass/Fail status
  • Manage your measurement data and test setups with Measurement Center Software
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface for easier, faster measurements

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Produs: Deviser E7000B Cable & Antenna Analyzer