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Deviser SignalPROFILER E7042B

Cod: Deviser E7042B
 Datasheet Produs (*.PDF - 1.01 Mb)

» Specificatii tehnice

The SignalPROFILER combines the power and functionality of cable and antenna system analysis, fiber inspection, spectrum analysis, cellular signal demodulation, interference analysis, signal coverage mapping and RF/optical power measurements in a single instrument. As a multi-functional instrument, the SignalPROFILER can be configured to meet your specific test needs at the time of purchase or at a later date as your test needs evolve. Additional measurement capability can be added on the fly in the field in a matter of seconds. Designed specifically for wireless communication field engineers and technicians who install, maintain and troubleshoot wireless communication sites, the SignalPROFILER was developed to get the job done right – the first time – with multiple cutting edge features that deliver accurate results, improve productivity and reduce OPEX and CAPEX.



  • RF, fiber and wireless signal quality testing – in a single instrument
  • Perform traditional RF feedline tests, inspect fiber connectors with auto pass/fall results and measure RF/Optical power
  • Perform comprehensive spectrum and signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
  • Test MIMO 4x4 antenna performance
  • Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay
  • Handheld, lightweight, field-proven design withstands harsh environments and lighting conditions

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Produs: Deviser SignalPROFILER E7042B