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Vectawave Technology Ltd is a manufacturer of robust, air cooled, class A power amplifiers for use in industrial, military and medical applications.
Based in the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, Vectawave have been designing and manufacturing power amplifiers for over 15 years, these products being distributed through a well known global EMC test equipment brand.
Broadband Power Amplifiers based on this mature and proven technology now join the Vectawave range for integration into your EMC immunity test system.
The company has assembled a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff. Our high-tech purpose-built factory is equipped with cutting edge design, build and test facilities to support the high level of demand for our products.
All Vectawave amplifiers are backed up with an impressive three year parts and labour warranty, along with lifetime service support.
Vectawave is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company where quality comes as standard. ISO9001 2008 Certificate


Products  @  VECTAWAVE

Electromagnetic Compatibility
• Signal Amplifiers
  Vectawave VBA100 RF Power Amplifier 10kHz..100MHz
  Vectawave VBA400 RF Power Amplifier 10kHz..400MHz
  Vectawave VBA230 RF Power Amplifier 150kHz..230MHz
  Vectawave VBA1000 RF Power Amplifier 10kHz..1000MHz
  Vectawave VBA1000 RF Power Amplifier 80MHz..1000MHz
  Vectawave VBA3100 RF Power Amplifier 800MHz..3.1GHz
  Vectawave VBA6000 RF Power Amplifier 2..6GHz

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