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About Seaward
Seaward Group USA (formerly Clare Instruments INC) supply a wide range of test instruments to ensure the electrical safety of any product or appliance from the design, compliance and manufacturing stages, through to servicing repair and calibration. The company's unique product range includes advanced technology laboratory and production line testers capable of carrying out Hi-Pot, Ground Bond and a variety of other tests, as well as EMC test equipment.
The Seaward Group range incorporates a number of advanced technical features which enable, ease of use, speed of operation and provides complete traceability. Based in Florida, the company have a national US sales, Service and Calibration capability.


Products  @  SEAWARD

Electrical Testing Equipment
• Solar Photovoltaic Analyzers
  Seaward SOLAR PV150 Photovoltaic Installation Test Kir
  Seaward SOLARLINK PV150 Photovoltaic Installation Test Kit
  Seaward SOLAR PV100 Photovoltaic Installations Test Kit
• Hipot High Voltage Testers
  Seaward KD1E High Voltage Indicator 11kV
  Seaward KD1E/19 High Voltage Indicator 19kV
  Seaward KD1E/22 High Voltage Indicator 22kV
  Seaward KD1E/33 High Voltage Indicator 33kV
  Seaward KD1E/19S AC High Voltage Indicator 19kV
  Seaward KD1E/KAD High Voltage Indicator 11kV with Audio Alarm
  Seaward KD1E/15D High Voltage Indicator 15kV with Digital Display
  Seaward KD1E/33D High Voltage Indicator 33kV with Digital Display

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