PITETECH battery resistance tester test discharge charging load bank

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Handheld Battery Internal Resistance Tester 1.2V..12V Pite 3915

• Wide test range: 5~6000Ah, compatible for cell of 1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V
• Smart and portable hand-held device, rugged and easy-to-go
• Colorful touch screen with optional operations of keyboard and touch screen
• Direct USB drive for software update and data transfer to PC for further analyzing
• Powerful PC management software, convenient for data storage and analyzing
• Big memory for testing data storage of more than 3000 cells

Battery Charger/ Discharger Tester Pite 3930

• Small size, portable and user-oriented
• Applicable to single cell of 2V, 6V and 12V
• 3 functions in one: charging, discharging and activation
• These functions could be used separately or comprehensively
• Testing waveform playback function
• Direct USB drive for data transferring to PC
• Powerful PITE DataView software

Battery Charger Tester Pite 3970

• High output power with light weight: up to 220V, 50A
• Ventilation channel and circuit with dustproof structure
• Build-in CPU, automated management for battery charging
• Auto calculation for changed time and changed capacity
• Over-voltage protection and under voltage warning function
• Thermal protection, auto stop in overheating and auto start in normal temperature

Battery Load Bank Tester for Charge/Discharge with WiFi Wireless Communication Pite 3980

• Small weight, portable unit with carrying case
• It sets 4 conditions for auto shut-down of discharge
• Parallel connection of two units for mass discharge
• Real-time display of voltage for each cell with DAC
• Accurate data results and vivid waveforms
• Auto sorting for lag-out batteries during discharging
• AC & DC power supply modes for different needs
• Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC

Battery Charger/ Discharger Complex Analyzer Pite 3990

• Light weight, most models are portable within 20kg
• Suitable for all standby batteries and power batteries: 2V, 6V and 12V
• Multi-function in one unit: it uses 3-phase charging, constant current discharging, cell test
• optional online monitor and battery activation
• State-of-the-art technique of soft-off for battery charging
• Graphical display, showing test result with curves
• Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC
• Over voltage protection and under voltage warning function

Online Monitoring-Charging-Discharging Battery Tester Dadi SBT

• Total battery voltage
• Discharge / Charge current
• Record function
• USB interface

Charging-Discharging Battery Tester Dadi SBDT-5100A

• Storage battery measurements
• Continuously adjustable during 1-300A
• Automatically alarm/shut-down
• Record: Recording battery voltage and current during discharge
• USB interface: for test results storage
• Ethernet or RS232 serial interface

Internal Resistance-Capacity Battery Tester 6V/12V Dadi ISBA-5210A

• Battery internal resistance test
• Battery voltage test
• Battery capacity test
• Battery life test
• Battery starting capability test
• Battery charge system test
• Battery charge ripple test
• Varieties of network interfaces: USB port and TCP / IP port

Internal Impedance Battery Analyzer 2V..48V Dadi ISBA-5220A

• Storage battery internal impedance test: range is 1µΩ--400Ω
• Conductivity (reciprocal of internal impedance) test
• Permanent storage of 10000 strings battery parameters
• Record the charge and discharge capacity of battery string
• With RS232 and TCP/IP port
• Built-in Li battery
• 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V, 24V, 48V; the testing voltage range is 0-100V

Online Monitoring Battery Tester Dadi SBME-5810A

• Automatically inspect voltage
• Automatically inspect resistance
• Automatically inspect battery group parameters
• Alarming function



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