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OTDR Optical Fiber Anlayzer Shineway palmOTDR

• SM: 1310/1490/1550/1625nm (with filter), up to 45dB
• MM: 850/1300nm, 18/22dB
• Ideal for LAN/WAN/FTTx certification & trouble-shooting
• High precision measurement
• 1000 test records storage (Type C)
• USB/RS-232 data interface
• 8 hrs continuous operation/20 hrs standby
• Dust-shock proof (2m drop test)

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Fault Locator Shineway OFL-100

• Lightweight, portable
• High precise measurement, large memory capacity (200 test curves)
• RS-232/USB data upload port
• PC software for measurement data analyzing and reporting
• Display measurement by graphics curves
• NiMH rechargeable battery support 10 hours continuous operations

 Shineway Tech 
OTDR Platform for Optical Fiber Networks Metro, Access & FTTx Shineway MTP-1000

• up to 3 functional modules, which is specially designed for FTTx/PON
• Flexible wavelength configurations to meet different requirements
• FTTX in-service testing
• PON OTDR identifies splitter and fiber-end
• 8.4 inch touch screen
• Fast power up with Windows CE
• Damp-dust-shock proof

 Shineway Tech 
Polarisation Mode Dispertion for Optical fibers CWDM Shineway MTP-500

• ITU-T G.650 recommended method for PMD characterization:
• Accurate total PMD, PMD coefficient
• Fully support 10G/40G/100G DWDM optical network upgrade test
• Compliant with G.650.2, EIA/TIA FOTP-124 & IEC-61941
• High dynamic range for long span measurement 40dB or 200Km
• Easy to use touch screen
• External ports: RG45x1, RS232x1, USBx2, VGAx1

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Talk Set for Optical Fiber Network Shineway OTS-20/ OTS-30

• Full duplex multiparty call on single fiber
• Combines laser source and power meter
• High-quality voice signal
• Large internal memory: 4000 records
• PC software for data download and reporting

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Channel Checker CWDM Shineway OCC-50

• Clear TFT LCD display (320*240)
• 8-channel measurement (1471-1611 nm)
• Result display in histogram and list
• Data Transfer to PC via USB
• 10 hours continuous operation

 Shineway Tech 
PON Optical Fiber Power Meter Shineway PPM-30

• Specially designed for FTTx/PON (B/E/G) applications
• Simultaneous Triple-play PON signals measurement: 1310/1490/1550nm (Voice/Data/Video)
• Pass/Warning/Fail assessment
• Pass-through test: Applicable anywhere on PON
• Optional Visible Fault Locator for macro bend detection and fiber identification
• Optional SM/MM Power Meter and Stabilized Laser Source

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Power Meter/ Laser Source Loss Test Set Shineway OPM-50/ SLS-50

• OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter
• SLS-50 Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source
• Automatic Wavelength Identification
• Ideal for optical attenuation and loss measurements
• Continuity Verification and Fiber Link Evaluation

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Power Meter/ Laser Source Loss Test Set Shineway OPM-15/ SLS-21

• OPM-15 Optical Power Meter
• SLS-21 Stabilized Laser Sources
• Applicable on singlemode/multimode fibers
• Quick response, no warm-up
• Interchangeable connectors: FC/SC/ST

 Shineway Tech 
Intelligent Optical Fiber Loss Tester with integrated Power Meter and Laser Source Shineway OTL-50

• FTTx/PON applicable
• Optical power monitoring
• Bidirectional loss test on single fiber
• ORL test
• Pass/Fail assessment
• Storage of 1000 test records
• Data transfer to PC via USB
• USB power charging

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Loss Tester with integrated Power Meter and Laser Source Shineway OTL-20/ OTM-20

• Support quick test, intelligentized operation
• Graphic interface, large easy to read LCD display
• Measurement units in dB, dBm and W (or mW)
• Large memory capacity (4000 measurements)
• Interchangeable fiber-optic adapters (FC, SC, ST, P/N, E 2000)
• RS-232 data upload port

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Variable Attenuator Shineway OVA-50

• Attenuation Range: 2.5-60dB
• Direct Output Power Control
• Adjust at step of 0.05/0.10/1.00/10.00 dB
• PC Control via USB
• Backlight

 Shineway Tech 
Visible Laser Source Shineway VLP-10/ VLS-20

• Pocket-size/pen-size, easy to use
• Fast response, no warm up
• CW/1 Hz mod
• 10Km for Max.measurement Range
• CE, FCC, FDA certificates
• One meter drop test

 Shineway Tech 
Multi-wavelength Laser Source Shineway MLS-20

• Multi-wavelength selectable: 650/850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625 nm
• 650 nm visible laser source for break and macrobend detection
• Modulation in CW and modulated frequencies
• Modulation frequencies in 270,1K, 2KHz (1Hz@650nm)
• 1625nm laser source with optical power meter to measure upper limit loss in DWDM

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Connector Inspector Shineway OCI-20A

• Eye-safe video viewing
• Inspect male and female connectors
• Various tips available
• Single-handed operation, quick focus
• Slim to access hard-to-reach connectors

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Connector Inspector Shineway OCI-20B

• Compatible with various connectors
• Dual channel video input (microscope) for easy viewing of male/female connectors
• Extended display on external monitor
• Audio & video recording
• Multimedia playback
• Direct read/write flash disk
• Large storage: 128MB internal memory, SD card up to 16GB
• Data transfer via USB2.0

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner Shineway CLN-10/ CLN-20

• Available for SC, FC, ST, etc. connectors
• Suitable for both field use and factory use
• Consistently achieve high quality cleaning without alcohol or other solvents
• Cleaning tape is replaceable, thus reducing long-term cost
• One cleaning tape can be used for over 600 wipes/reel

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Identifier Shineway OFI-20A/ OFI-20B

• Fiber types: 250μm, 900μm, 2mm/3mm jacketed fiber
• Non-destructive detection
• Indication of signal presence, strength and direction
• CW/MOD tones detection
• Buzzer indication
• Handheld & sturdy
• CE, FCC certificates

 Shineway Tech 
Optical Fiber Installation, Service, Maintenance Tool Kits Shineway FTTx TestPro

• FTTx TestPro TK-FTP-102 Installation Stage-Enhanced Tool Kit
• FTTx TestPro TK-FTP-202 Service Activation Stage-Enhanced Tool Kit
• FTTx TestPro TK-FTP-302 Maintenance Stage-Enhanced Tool Kit

 Shineway Tech 


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