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Esders ELLI portable laser methane CH4

• Colored LCD touch screen
• Selective detection of methane
• Integrated GPS and bluetooth functionality
• User-defined alarm threshold
• Rugged housing design IP54

Esders Multi Gas Detector H2S CO O2 LEL

• 2 month battery life on a single charge (infrared version)
• Compact and lightweight
• Low maintenance cost
• Simple to use
• LEL sensor (IR) does not require oxygen

Esders Single Gas

• Operational life of two years
• Full factory warranty throughout the life of 24 months
• Measurement of H2S, CO and O2 ensures the safety of the worker
• Reduces training time
• Loud audible alarm, bright visual alarm, vibrating alarm

Esders GasCam® SG Methane Gas Leak Camera Visualisation

• Infrared Lens
• Detector unit
• Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs
• Tripod with swivel/tilt head
• High performance Notebook

Esders GasTest delta3 Gas Tester according DVGW-TRGI 2008

• Usability test in accordance with G5952 or Esders express procedure
• Leak detection via external, digital hand sensor with integrated calibration and vibration alarm
• Automatic and manual test on controllers and safety valves
• Leak test with 150 mbar, strength test with 1 bar
• Pressure measurement up to 25 bar via external sensors

Esders Gas standpipe

• Practical system with wide application
• Easy adaptation to many thread sizes, drilling saddles and fittings –directly or via electrically conductive tube
• Rapid extraction of gas by using the Venturi nozzle
• Flame arrestor for burning off the gas safely

Esders GOLIATH Gas Analyzer

• Time-tested Esders operation concept.
• Very quick initial break-in phase after being switching on or changing application.
• Extremely short reaction times when measuring CH4 and CO2 in all concentrations.
• Oxygen and up to 3 toxic gas sensors are available as an option.
• Ethane analysis with automatic measurement result assessment can be integrated.
• Optional pressure measuring up to 2,000 hPa.

Esders GOLIATH Biogas Analyzer

• Use of infrared sensors for CH4 and CO2 guarantee fast run-in period and extremely short response times and exclude cross-sensitivities to other gases.
• An oxygen and a hydrogen sulphide sensor are offered as an option.
• The measurement range for H2S is 0 to 2,000 ppm and cover the requirement for measurements at biogas plants ideal.

Esders HUNTER Gas Leak detector and analyzer

• Cast carpet mat free from the material wear common in deep drawn mats
• Stabilising mould elements enable optimal fit on the ground and enable the carpet to be pulled backwards
• Comprehensive flow channels for sampling

Esders LeckOmiO Gas Detector

• Rugged hand-held instruments with ergonomic aluminum housing
• Wide range of applications in the gas and water installation
• Load- and tightness tests according to TRGI
• Powerful gas detector with vibration alarm and digital display reading for gas leak detection

Esders LeckOmiO EX

• Extremely rugged hand-held measurement device as an individual or combination instrument in aluminium casing with very-well protected LCD display
• Easy operation through menu technology and function keys guarantees problem-free use.
• Document tests by printing them on the thermal-printer through the IR interface
• Practice-orientated accessories for all applications

Esders SAFE EthanTest

• Taking the service box to the measurement site
• Activate device and connect sensor
• Feed sensor into sensor hole and start analysis at the touch of a button
• SAFE absorbs a gas sample and displays its concentration in vol.%
• The gas sample passes through the chromatographic column and the display of methane and ethane (if applicable) takes place

Esders Sigi EX Flammable Gases Tester

• Improved sensor technology and adjustment options
• Increased operating temperature range of -20 to +50 ° C
• By up to 44% larger display area for better readability
• Red backlight for improved perception of alarm messages

Esders Vacuum-probes-system VSS 15

• Complete with connection cable and metal plug
• Stainless steel design with coarse filter and integrated water barrier
• Complete with connection cable and metal bush

Esders VibraGAS

• Rugged hand-held instruments with ergonomic aluminum housing
• Wide range of applications in the gas installation
• Powerful gas detector with vibration alarm and digital display reading for gas leak detection
• High contrast LCD display with backlight for an optimal presentation of all measured values

Esders VibraGAS Ex

• Easy replacement of batteries with innovative battery Management
• Systematic evaluation of the measured data using Esders PC-1 software
• Graphical printout on site on mobile printer
• Simple operation with intuitive menu navigation
• Practical accessories for all applications

Esders Vakumobil

• The Esders Vakumobil has a markedly improved suction power compared to conventional technology.
• The low pressure in the surface generated by one suction probe has an impact over several metres.
• This creates only a movement or distortion of the gas accumulation but not there elimination.



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