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Esders LeckOmiO EX

Code: Esders LeckOmiO EX
 Product Datasheet (*.PDF - 1.74 Mb)

» Technical Specs

Explosion-proof hand-held measurement devices.


The gas leak detection function enables the fast and precise positioning of the smallest leakages in the gas installation. There is also a vibration alarm along with the optical and acoustic signal. The operator is notified of the smallest gas traces without disturbing the occupant. The vibration rate increases with the gas concentration. The display does not have to be monitored while locating the leak. The movable goose neck with the small discharged sensor offers the possibility of subjecting piping portions, fittings and controls to a precise test. Escaped gas is already recognised in very small concentrations and is displayed.



  • Extremely rugged hand-held measurement device as an individual or combination instrument in aluminium casing with very-well protected LCD display
  • Easy operation through menu technology and function keys guarantees problem-free use.
  • Document tests by printing them on the thermal-printer through the IR interface
  • Practice-orientated accessories for all applications



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Product: Esders LeckOmiO EX