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KANE - the best solution for flue gas analyser

Distek provides complete solutions for Flue Gas Analyser. Since 1963, Kane International Ltd has been in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and has a long history and broad experience designing and manufacturing portable test equipment. Kane International is the UK’s foremost manufacturer and supp ...

A new generation in high performance power analysis Newtons4th PP1500 and PP5500 Series

    Newtons4th Ltd (abbreviated to N4L) combined years of experience in high frequency measurement instrumentation with innovative developments in analog and digital design to produce a new generation of class leading precision power analyzers PP1500 and PP5500 Series.             Reasons  ...

Testing Solutions for Photovoltaic Solar Systems from HT Italia

Photovoltaic installations are becoming more and more popular.   DISTEK is providing necessary equipments for test, control and maintenance of single and three phase photovoltaic systems, energy analysis conforming current standards.   While the costs of components are decreasing and their perform ...

DISTEK – Broad, Various and Complete Porfolio

DISTEK GROUP is a professional supplier for Test and Measurement Instruments. With over 25 years of experience and large spectrum of products, we offer the best quality / price solutions. DISTEK is constantly present in all fields of activity:Industry, Electronics, Energy, Telecommunications, Educat ...

New Remote Display Digital Multimeter Fluke 233

NEW Remote Display Multimeter Fluke 233 What would you do if you could be in two places at once? By simply sliding the wireless display out of the Fluke 233/A’s meter body, the technician can place the display where it is most easily seen—up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the point of measurement ...

DVB-T2 Testing with the New Promax TV EXPLORER HD+ Analyzer

The PROMAX TV EXPLORER family reaffirms its leadership taking a new step forward with the TV EXPLORER HD+, the only portable meter ready for the new digital terrestrial television standard for second generation (DVB-T2).     The TV EXPLORER HD+ is presented as the most complete equipment in the ma ...


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