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ALVIN Linksense Programable Actuator

• Safe and quick isolation of faults in either (manual or automatic modes)
• Internal temperature monitoring provides additional information within the linkbox environment
• Compatible with all major Link box manufacturers
• Fully sealed IP67


• Low cost equipment
• Low maintenance and lifetime cost
• Improved network performance
• Extended asset life: limited current flow on restart offers less stress on the asset

UltraTEV Detector Portable Partial Discharge Tester

• Clear red-amber-green PD indicators
• Portable and tough
• Kit comes complete with carry case, protective sleeve and mains battery charger

UltraTEV Plus² Detector descarcari partiale sisteme electrice

• Menu-driven, backlit colour touchscreen and keyboard (can be used wearing gloves)
• Portable & rugged
• Compatible with all UltraTEV Plus+ accessories
• Long-life, rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion battery)

CableData Collector

• Detects and measures PD activity in single and 3 phase cables
• Works with all insulated cable types
• Expert cable condition analysis and reporting service
• Training available for analysis software purchasers
• Small, robust, portable and easy to use

UltraTEV Locator

• Dual probes allowing for time-of-flight PD location
• Multi-sensor, multi-function: ultrasonic and TEV, plus temperature, pressure and humidity
• Records the severity of PD for diagnostic analysis
• Multi-mode touch screen for ease of use

PD Hawk

• Uniquely fast & accurate
• Digital antenna
• Safe & easy to use
• Portable & rugged

UltraTEV Monitor

• Provides valuable information on the actual condition of assets
• Enhances the effectiveness of asset management, resulting in lower cost, higher reliability energy networks
• Reduces unplanned outages
• Increases site safety

UltraTEV Alarm

• Automatically transmits asset status updates via text or email
• Can be installed permanently or for a temporary survey
• No need for costly outages when installing the UltraTEV Alarm™
• Uses both Ultrasonic and Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) sensors for continuous monitoring

Polarity Test Pens

• Discriminates between live and non-live conductors – even in bundles of cables
• More accurate than other standard conductor testers
• Self-testing function ensures correct function and operator safety
• Self-powered, portable and easy to use
• Considered to be essential to operator safety



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