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Esders Sigi EX Flammable Gases Tester

Code: Esders Sigi EX
 Product Datasheet (*.PDF - 1.17 Mb)

» Technical Specs

Gas measurement instrument for flammable gases

The SIGI EX is a multi range measurement device for flammable gases with an internal pump. Like many other Esders instruments the well known operating concept with a menu technology driven by two function keys is also used for the SIGI EX.



  • Improved sensor technology and adjustment options     
  • Increased operating temperature range of -20 to +50 ° C  
  • By up to 44% larger display area for better readability     
  • Red backlight for improved perception of alarm messages     
  • Simpler handling of the battery and battery connection mechanism     
  • Extension of the operating time by about 30%     
  • Representation of the individual menu items (fields of application) in plain text


The following operating modes are used in the menu:

  • Workplace monitoring (measurement of LEL; 0 -50% LEL)
  • Tracing gas in pipeline networks ( measurement of gas concentration from ppm to 100 Vol.% with auto ranging)
  • Leak detection in houses (measurement of gas concentration on gas installations and alarm on LEL; ppm to 50% LEL)
  • Pipe filling, gaspurity (measurement range from 0 to 100 Vol.%) 

The display shows useful informations like the peak value or leak rate. Furthermore it is possible to make pressure measurements (optional) and leak detection together with the SIGI EX P. One problem on an installation is a low gas pressure or a failure of the gas regulator. That is why the SIGI EX is together with the functions of monitoring the explosion limits and leak detection a powerful testing device for pressure tests of in-house gas installations. 

The construction of the device head with a built in pump guarantees an extremely short indication time of flammable gas concentrations. The hydrophobic filter is easy to exchange and provides a protection of the device from water and dust. As an extra options a flexible probe with quick connector, a test adapter and chargers for 12 volt and 230 volt are available.

  • Extremely rugged and light weight hand-held measurement device
  • Internal pump and filter technology
  • Menu technology and function keys for easy operating
  • Automatic start in last used operating mode
  • Display of useful extra information, peak value and leak rate

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Product: Esders Sigi EX Flammable Gases Tester