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Online Monitoring Battery Tester Dadi SBME-5810A

Code: Dadi SBME-5810A

» Technical Specs

  • Automatically inspect voltage: automatically inspect single cell voltage and total voltage of battery group of on-line battery
  • Automatically inspect resistance: automatically inspect single cell resistance (conductivity) and total resistance of the battery group of on-line battery;
  • Automatically inspect battery group parameters: charging voltage, charging current, discharge voltage, discharge current of battery group;
  • Alarming function: alarm for up and down limit of battery single cell, high
  • charge voltage, low discharging voltage, and record automatically;
  • Temperature alarming: set alarming temperature value on the surface of the battery. It will alarm when the battery surface temperature reaches the set value.
  • Battery Maintenance: You can set up a remote or local discharge time cycle, discharge regularly and extend battery life;
  • Human-machine communication function: HTML software of networking system, local, remote settings and alarm settings;
  • Real-time communication function: test module data transmission through 485 communication  or RS232, 2.5G bluetooth communication (optional), complete data acquisition processing. The distance of Bluetooth communication is more than 50 meters;
  • Data-processing function (display, print): background computer processing can generate varieties of charts and retrieve fault records. And make a comprehensive analysis for testing results.
  • The battery single cell resistance change curve;
  • The battery single cell resistance comparison figure;
  • The battery single cell charge voltage curve;
  • The battery single cell discharge voltage curve;
  • The battery charge current curve;
  • The battery discharge current curve;
  • The battery charge single cell capacity variation figure;
  • The battery discharge single cell capacity variation figure;
  • Whole capacity variation figure of the battery group charge;
  • Whole capacity variation figure of the battery group discharge;
  • lBattery group maintenance reports;
  • Compared with domestic and foreign products, it initiates on-line discharging for testing battery resistance and timely detects poor-qualified sing cell battery;
  • Compared with domestic and foreign on-line testing products, it is the most accurate in resistance testing and the most reliable;
  • Completion of battery remote discharging management for the first time makes battery group out of floating state according to set time, so automatic discharging realized and battery life extended;
  •  The most powerful battery on-line testing system, comprehensive acquisitions of battery group’s  technical parameters; battery charging voltage and current; battery discharging voltage and current; battery group resistance, single cell resistance; total battery capacity, single cell capacity; battery surface temperature;
  • Battery on-line testing system equipped with most complete communication interfaces. Customers can choose RS232/485, 10Base_T or E1 time slot (optional) to connect internet;
  • The most flexible networking mode: any battery on-line monitoring device, as long as it accesses network, the background software automatically discovers the device and completes the connection and monitoring without router and network clients, which is quite convenient for customers to use;
  • The simplest operation: adapt HTMK web browsing mode, operate easily without professional training;
  • The most extensive reports: users can choose some or all report forms according to customers’ needs and output directly;
  • Powerful alarming management functions: The user sets up battery alarming conditions (or default value) in accordance with template, the equipment works automatically without manual intervention;
  • Battery group warning: if it requires manual processing, the background will make a sound and light alarming;
  • Background can inform maintenance personnel for battery maintenance timely by e-mails or text messages;
  • Background tests not only performance data of battery group and single cell battery, but also rectifier data, the background will get alarming information for rectifier alarming;
  • Powerful database management, store and backup all data. All data can be inspected aftetwards;
  • Communication interruption alarming, battery on-line monitoring equipment has data storage function. When communication recovers, it will upload automatically entire historical data to ensure customer data integrity.

SBME-5810A common index






voltage measurement range of the whole group





dischare current measurement range





minimum discharge voltage range





single cell voltage testiing type


single cell voltage testing range


single cell voltage resolution


unit voltage resolution


current resolution


capacity resolution


unit voltage testing



current measurement accuracy


resistance test accuracy

<0.02 mohms

temperature measurement accuracy


data sampling period


collect all monitored data once every three second

storage capacity

0-96 hours record

detect cell sessions

support 4*24=96 (expandable)

communication mode


10Base-TRS232/485 port E1( time slot)   optional

power supply


48V24VAC 220V selected


430×250×49 (mm)



operation enviroment


» Standard included accessories



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