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HT Italia vent to inovation

Since 1983, when HT ITALIA was established, its mission has been clear: innovating in the electrical and technical field.

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Test and Measurement Equipments
• Multimeters
• HT
  Digital Multifunction VDE Multimeter HT Italia M74
  Professional Multimeter Cable Verifier for LAN VDE checking HT Italia M75
  Digital Process Calibrator Portable Multimeter HT Italia HT8000
  Digital Portable Multimeters HT Italia
Electrical Testing Equipment
• Power Quality Analyzers
  Power Quality Analyzer for Three Phase Network HT Italia PQA823/ PQA824
  Handheld Power Quality Analyzer for Mono and Three-Phase Networks HT Italia Vega78
  Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer HT PQA820
  Single/ Three-Phase Network AC Current Data Logger HT Italia XL421/ XL422
  Single/ Three-Phase Network AC Voltage Data Logger HT Italia XL423/ XL424
• Electrical Installations Testers
  Insulation Tester for Single/Three-Phase Electrical Installations 1000V HT Italia GSC57/ GSC53N/ ZG47
  Multifunction Verifier for Testing Electrical and Civil Installation 1000V HT Italia Combi419/ Combi420
  Multifunction Electrical Installation Tester 1000V HT Italia Sirius89N
  Multifunction Tester for Civil and Industrial Electrical System 1000V HT Italia Sirius87
  Multifunction Instruments for Testing Industrial and Medical Installation 1000V HT Italia Maxtest2038
  Insulation and Continuity Resistance Tester for medical rooms HT Italia Equitest5070
  Multifunction Multimeter for Measuring Insulation and Continuity of Protective Conductors 1000V HT Italia ISO410
  Insulation Continuity Megohmmeter and Digital Multimeter HT Italia M72
  Handheld Digital Megohmmeter Insulation & Continuity 4 Gohm 1000V HT Italia M70
  Digital Programmable Professional Megohmmeter 10Tohm 5kV HT Italia HT7051
  Professional Digital Insulation Megohmmeter 10Tohm 10kV HT Italia HT7052
  Multifunctional Meter for Safety Test on Electrical Industrial Machine HT Italia Fulltest4050
  Multifunction Meter for Test Electrical Machines and PTTA Switchboard Panles HT Italia Fulltest4058N
  Step and Contact Voltage Meter with Test Current up to 50A HT Italia HT2055
  Step Contact Voltage Tester HT Italia HT2051/ HT2052
• Earth Resistance Ground Testers
  Handheld Digital Earth Resistance Meter HT Italia GEO416
  Earth Grounding Resistance Multimeter HT Italia M71
  Multifunction Portable Multimeter for Earth Resistance Measurement HT Italia M73
  Earth Resistance and Loop Impedance RCD Tester HT Italia Speed 418
• Current Clamp Meters
  Power Analyzer Current Clamp Meter HT Italia HT9022
  Digital Current Clamp Meters HT Italia
• Solar Photovoltaic Analyzers
  Safety Tester for Photovoltaic Systems HT PVCHECK
  Electrical Safety Installation Tester on Photo Voltaic System HT Italia Solar200
  Power Quality Analyzer for Single and Three Phase Photovoltaic Systems HT Italia Solar300N
  Multifunction Instrument for Verification of I-V Characteristic of Photovoltaic Strings HT I-V400
  Multifunction Instrument for Testing & Veryfying Single Phase Photovoltaic Installations HT Italia Solar I-V
Temperature Audio Gas Test
• Infrared Thermal Cameras
  THT47 Infrared Thermal Camera 160x120 pixels resolution
  THT60 Infrared Thermal Camera 160x120 pixels resolution
  THT70 Infrared Thermal Camera 388x284 pixels resolution
• Environment Testers
• Sound & Vibration Testers
  Handheld Digital Soundmeter with calibrator HT Italia HT154
  Audio analyzer class 1 HT Italia HT155/ HT157

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Brand: HT Instruments Italia România Distributor .RO Dealer Seller Reseller for sale contact Bucharest products prices cheap low cost stock buy sell Power Energy Quality Analyzers, Solar Photo Voltaic Analyzer, Multifunctional Multimeteres, Electrical Installation Testers, Megohmmeters, Insulation Tester, Communication Data Test, Infrared Thermal Camera, Digital Voltage Current , ACurrent Clamp Amp Meter