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Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of general instruments specializes in design, product, sale and service. It is an enterprise in national level with new and high technology who has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification. Hantek has several practical new type innovations, appearance design patent, and software copyright. The company is located in Whitman industrial city of Qingdao High-tech Industry Base with convenient traffic, good cultural environment and thick scientific research atmosphere. The comprehensive strength of Hantek has increased day by day after more than ten years operation and development, and the continuous innovation in science and technology. Hantek has built up an active fighting team and formed an excellent national instrument brand.

Hantek has a strong technical force. The research and development team is composed by the authoritative expert with advanced technology in instrument field. Rely on the technology of research and produce and many years of experience in instrument, combining the advanced management concept at home and abroad, Hantek has successively promoted the oscilloscope, Arb. Waveform Generator, Logic Analyzer, handheld oscilloscope, Frequency Analyzer, Multimeter, Handheld multifunction measuring instrument, Portable Oscilloscope, Programmable Power Supply and several series general instrument products. They have all received the recognition and reputation of the market especially in overseas market, and all the product has passed the CE and FCC certifications.

Hantek would inherit the good tradition of technological innovation, continuously promote new product to meet the need of market, create hopeful future with heavy responsibility and feedback the society with grateful attitude.

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Aparate masura control
• Osciloscoape
  Hantek DSO4004C Osciloscoape digitale
  Hantek DSO4004B Osciloscoape digitale de banc
  Hantek DSO4000C Osciloscoape digitale stationare
  Hantek MSO5000D Osciloscop digital cu analizor logic
  Hantek DSO5000P Osciloscop digital ieftin
  Hantek DSO5000BM Osciloscop digital cu memorie extinsa
  Hantek MSO5054F(G) Osciloscop digital cu generator si analizor logic
  Hantek DSO8000E Osciloscop portabil scopmetru cu multimetru si generator
  Hantek DSO1000E Osciloscop portabil robust solid rezistent socuri
  Hantek DSO1000BV Osciloscop portabil cu memorie si help video
  Hantek DSO1000S Osciloscop portabil cu canale izolate galvanic
  Hantek DSO8000 Osciloscop portabil cu multimetru
  Hantek iDSO Osciloscop USB
  Hantek 6000BD Osciloscoape pe USB
  Hantek PSO2020 Osciloscop USB tip stilou creion
  Hantek DSO3000(A) Series (1GSa/s) Osciloscop USB
  Hantek DSO3000 Series (200MSa/s) Osciloscop USB
  Hantek 6000BE Osciloscop USB
  Hantek 6022BL Osciloscop USB cu analizor logic
  Hantek 1008A Osciloscop USB 8 canale aplicatii auto
  Hantek 6074BE Osciloscop USB 4-canale
  Hantek DSO3064 Kit VII Kit diagnoza auto osciloscop USB
  Hantek 1008C Osciloscop auto
  Hantek USBXI-1070 Sistem achizitii de date LXI, USB, LAN, WiFi, RGB
  Hantek365A/B/C/D/E/F Sistem de achizitii de date
  Hantek HT824 - Calibrator de proces portabil
  Hantek AC/DC Current Clamp CC-650 Cleste de curent
  Hantek AC/DC Current Clamp CC-65 Cleste curent cu efect Hall
• Generatoare semnal
  Hantek HDG2000B Generator de functii
  Hantek DDS3X25 Generator de functii smenale pe USB
  Hantek DDS3005 Generator de functii semnale pe USB
• Analizoare spectru
  Hantek HSA2016 Analizor de spectru portabil 1.6GHz
  Hantek HSA2030 Analizor de spectru portabil 3.2GHz
• Surse reglabile
  Hantek HT3000PG Sursa de tensiune curent
  Hantek HT3000PE Surse de laborator
  Hantek HT3000PB Sursa de banc reglabila
  Hantek HT3000PA Sursa variabila tensiune curent
• Analizoare logice
  Hantek 4032L Analizor logic 32 canale
  Hantek LA5034 Analizo logic

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