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Multi-amp Circuit Breaker Tester Retrofit Megger – DDA16, DDA30 and DDA60

• Drop-in retrofit capability to the Multi-Amp Model CB-9116, Model DB-8130 and Model CB-8160 circuit breaker test sets
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
• Variable pulse time and firing-angle output-current control
• Complies with NEMA AB-4 Test Guidelines

Circuit Breaker Tester Retrofit Megger – DDA1600

• Digital signal processing technology
• Variable firing angle and pulse duration
• Modular, portable design
• Complies with NEMA AB-4 Test Guidelines

Universal Circuit Breaker Test Sets Megger – DDA-3000 and DDA-6000

• Model DDA-1 Digital Data Acquisition Instrumentation and Control System
• High-current output: 60,000 A for Model DDA-6000; 35,000 A for Model DDA-3000
• Digital signal processing (DSP) technology
• Variable pulse time and firing angle output current control
• Compliant with NEMA AB-4 test guidelines

Primary Current Injection Test System Megger – INGVAR

• Most advanced primary current injection test system to simplify all types of switchgear and CT commissioning, ground grid, circuit breaker testing and more
• Up to 5000 A output current
• Two units, each of about 20 kg, makes it easier to carry
• Unique I/30 function allows the current to be pre-set using low current to prevent test sample heating, thus eliminating corruption of test result

Automatic Oil Circuit Recloser Tester Megger – OCR8015/9150

• Preprogrammed test sequences for reclosers and sectionalizers
• High-capacity outputs to test virtually all reclosers
• Accurate duplication of high-voltage test results
• Simple operation and precise test results
• Simplified adjustment of test current

Primary Current Injection Test System Megger – ODEN AT

• Most advanced primary current injection test system to simplify all types of switchgear and CT commissioning, ground grid, circuit breaker testing and more
• Modular design to permit optimal user configuration of output current vs. unit size
• Compact transport cart facilitates portability into switchgear rooms with limited space
• Unique I/30 function allows the current to be pre-set using low current to prevent test sample heating, thus eliminating corruption of test result

Microprocessor-based Circuit Breaker Test Sets Megger – PS-9116

• Portable, three piece chassis
• Tests wide range of air-frame breakers
• Test result printout capability

Universal Circuit Breaker Test Sets Megger – PS-9130 and PS-9160

• Proven power train
• Rugged instrumentation and controls
• Direct connection of draw-out type breakers
• Integral clock/calendar
• Easy-to-read display

Smart Primary Injection Test System Megger – SPI225

• Up to 2000A output
• Smallest primary injection test system in its class
• First unit on the market to eliminate variac control
• Output current regulation
• Designed for switchgear commissioning, circuit breaker, CT commissioning, ground grid and relay testing
• Software includes thousands of circuit breaker TCC curves

Battery Ground Fault Locator Megger - BGL

• Ground faults in ungrounded dc battery systems easily located
• Operates in high electrical noise environment
• Simplifies fault tracing by identifying fault characteristic (resistive and capacitive) magnitudes

Battery Impedance Tester Megger - BITE2 and BITE2P

• Determines condition of lead-acid and NiCd cells up to 7000 Ah
• On-board Pass/Warning/Fail indications
• Robust, repeatable instruments
• On-line testing

Bond Tester Megger - BT51

• High test current
• Four terminal measurement
• Two measuring ranges (2000 mΩ. and 20,00 mΩ.)and maximum resolution of 0,01 mΩ.
• Protected against inadvertent connection to the mains supply

Battery Voltage Monitor Megger - BVM, BVM300 and BVM600

• Automates battery voltage measurement during capacity tests
• “Daisy-chain” design allows expandability up to 120 units
• High accuracy and stability for precise data collection
• Integrates with TORKEL Win and PowerDB Test Data Management software

Dual Power Micro-Ohmmeter Megger - DLRO10HDX

• Interchangeable test lead terminations
• High or low output power selection for condition diagnosis
• Operates from battery or AC mains supply
• Protected to 600 V without blowing a fuse, test lead live voltage warning light

Single Phase Hand Cranked Transformer Turns Ratio Tester Megger - TTR550005B

• Used for testing single phase power and distribution transformers
• Design based on precision bridge measuring technique
• Unmatched accuracy (±0.1%) in a portable design

Tester de izolatie si continuitate cu alarma Megger - MIT200 series

• Sunt disponibile două sau trei tensiuni de test asigurând soluţia ideală pentru majoritatea aplicaţiilor din zona tensiunilor joase
• Măsurarea rezistenţei de izolaţie până la 1000 MΩ pe toate domeniile
• Descărcarea automată ne asigură că toate circuitele sunt descărcate sigur după încheierea testelor
• Tensiunea de test a izolaţiei de 1000 V are o avertizare de înaltă tensiune înainte de a aplica tensiunea

Instrument Test Box Megger - MTB7671/2

• The only one that fully tests your instruments to the regs.
• Tests the full range of your tester’s capability not just what’s easy
• Won’t trip RCD protected circuits
• Checks insulation, continuity, loop and RCD functions of testers
• Works with all testers for Part P Certification

Earth Leakage Clampmeter Megger - DCM300E

• 0.01 mA resolution
• EMC and IEC61010-2-032 compliance
• 30 mA, 300 mA, 30 A and 300 A range

Combined Loop And Rcd Testers Megger - LRCD210 and LRCD220

• Non-trip loop tester
• RCD testing from 10 mA to 1000 mA
• Extremely easy and safe to use
• Built-in protective front cover

Impedance Meter Megger - NIM1000

• High test current up to 1000 A
• Single or three-phased measurements
• Measurement of the net impedance up to the 10th harmonic
• Display of all measured parameters
• Tests in accordance with DIN EN 61557-3; VDE 0413-3

Hand-Held Micro-Ohmmeter Megger - DLROH200

• Safe test – DualGround™
• Auto range: 1 µΩ to 1000 mΩ
• Bluetooth® PC communication
• Complies with IEEE and IEC standards

Cable Phasing Meter Megger - 830220-1

• Operates at low voltage
• Battery operated
• Measures voltage up to 30 kV

Phase Sequence Indicator Megger - PSI410

• LED clockwise and counter clockwise phase rotation indication
• Audible indication of direction
• Phase condition LEDs
• Fused test leads

Multifunction Installation Testers Megger - MFT1731, MFT1721 and MFT1711

• Phase rotation indication for verification of rotating machinery
• 3-phase RCD testing for industrial applications with no earth
• Suite of earths test for electrode resistance measurement
• On-board data storage and Bluetooth® download

Multifunction Installation Testers Megger - MFT1735

• Two and three wire non-trip loop testing for RCD protected circuits
• Type-B RCD and 3-phase RCD testing for industrial applications with no Earth
• 3-terminal earth test and stakeless testing for earth electrode resistance measurement **
• Internal memory and Bluetooth® communications

Multifunction Installation Testers Megger - MFT1800

• Reverse polarity monitoring and correction on live tests
• Phase rotation indication for verification of rotating machinery
• Auto reversing continuity test of a choice of 200 mA and 15 mA test currents
• On-board data storage and Bluetooth® download

Electrician's Multimeter Megger - AVO®210

• 2000 count digital display
• 1000 V DC / 750 V AC ranges
• 10 A AC / DC ranges
• Resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges

Electrician's Multimeter Megger - AVO® 410

• 6000 count backlit digital display
• True RMS reading on a.c. mode
• 1000 V d.c. / 750 V a.c. ranges
• 10 A a.c. / d.c. ranges

TRMS Clamp Meter Megger - DCM1500

• DC and AC current up to 1500 A
• True RMS measurement for greater accuracy
• Large jaw size safely assists with uninsulated conductor measurements
• 750 Vac and 1000 Vdc

Earth Leakage Clampmeter Megger - DCM305E

• 0.001 mA resolution
• Up to 100 A range for standard AC current measurements
• TRMS reading
• Low pass filter to aid stability of readings

Digital Clamp Meter Megger - DCM310 and DCM320

• Option of current only , DCM310 or multimeter, DCM320 models
• Measures up to 400 A a.c. with low current ranges for improved resolution
• 600 V a.c./d.c. DCM320
• 20 MΩ Resistance DCM320

Fork Multimeter Megger - DCM330

• 200.0 A a.c. open-jaw current measurement
• 0.1 V to 1000 V auto-ranging a.c. and d.c. voltage measurement
• 0.1 Ω to 20.00 MΩ resistance range
• Continuity buzzer

Digital Multimeter Megger - DCM340

• DC and AC current and voltage
• 600 A and 600 V
• Resistance and continuity
• 31/2 digit, 4000 count display with backlight
• High resolution digital bargraph

Photovoltaic Kit Megger - PVK320

• PVM210 irradiance meter
• AVO410 CATIV TRMS multimeter
• C4 solar connectors to 4 mm standard plug test leads
• MC3 to MC4 adapter test leads
• PV kit storage pouch

Irradiance Meter Megger - PVM210

• Optimal incident angle and positioning of solar panels
• Measurement of solar power for panel short circuit calculation
• 33/4 digit LCD display with 1999 W/m2 range
• Single handed use

Portable Appliance Tester Megger - PAT320 and PAT350

• Simple manual or automatic testing
• 230 V and 110 V operation
• Bond testing at 25 A,10 A and 200 mA
• Full colour display

Full Database Driven Portable Appliance Testers Megger - PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450

• Vast on-board memory to keep you the job longer
• Continuous operation, no need to stop and wait for the tester to cool down
• Instant re-start as you move from room to room testing
• Soft keys to speed you through the testing process

Time Domain Reflectometer Megger - T3090

• 0-25,000 ft continuous
• Automatic or manual range selection
• Optional sectionalizing

Voltage Tester Megger - TPT320

• AC / DC voltage from 12 to 690 V
• Continuity
• Phase rotation
• LCD / LED display
• Bright LED torch
• CAT IV 600 V rating

AC Voltage Detectors Megger - VF1 and VF2

• Socket outlets
• Fuses
• Switches
• Wires and cables
• Circuit breakers
• Luminares

AC Voltage Detectors Megger - VF3

• Non-contact detection of AC voltage
• Automatic audible warning buzzer
• Bright red voltage indicator in tip
• Ultra bright LED torch

Deviser DS2831 Digital TV Spectrum Analyzer

• Analog TV and SC-QAM: troubleshoot typical analog interference and distortions as well as SC-QAM performance
• Time-Domain EVS Measurements: uncover interference from LTE signals under downstream QAM carriers with no service interruptions
• Characterize OFDM carrier performance and DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem performance
• 7” Capacitive Touchscreen: with excellent touch response and 7 hours of operating time

Deviser DS2500Q Digital TV QAM Analyzer

• High Speed Spectrum Analysis: 4~1000MHz
• Integrated DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
• Integrated Upstream Signal Generator (no FEC)

Deviser DS2580C Digital TV QAM Analyzer

• Analog TV measurements include: Level, V/A, HUM, C/N
• Auto-generates and saves up to 20 custom channel plans from a cable drop
• Auto test with pass/fail limits speeds up tests and simplifies results interpretation

Deviser DS2460Q QAM Analysis Meter

• Client-based Toolbox management software for quick unit configuration
• USB Micro 2.0 port for PC data transfer
• Ethernet port for Ping function
• Optical Power Measurement and VFL (Visual Fault Location) available by option

Deviser DS2460T ISDB-TB Analysis Meter

• ISDB-TB measurement: Average Power, MER, CBER, VBER, and Constellation
• Analog TV measurement: Level, V/A, HUM and C/N
• Automatic channel plan generation; supports up to 20 custom channel plans
• Achieve faster testing and ease data interpretation with Pass/Fail auto testing

Deviser S7200 TV Signal Analyzer

• Real-time analysis and monitoring
• All-In-One TV Signal Analyzer
• Digital Standards: DVB-C/C2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, ATSC and ISDB-Tb
• Video Decoder: MPEG2/4H.264/VC-1, SD/HD

Deviser C1200 DVB-C Meter

• Analog TV Analysis: Level, Tilt, C/N, Scan and Trunk Voltage
• Digital TV Analysis: Power Level, MER and BER
• 128×64 backlit LCD screen
• Li-ion battery provides >4 hrs. operation
• Upgrade software and edit channel plans easily via USB interface

Deviser AE2200 FTTx Multi-Function Meter

• Future-proof, all-in-one solution includes optical, cable TV (RF), and metallic testing for verifying the installation of FTTx, RFoG and RF PON networks
• Lightweight and compact design for easy mobility throughout the network
• Long battery life enables the user to test all day without stopping to charge the test equipment

Deviser AE4000 Series OTDR Module

• One button auto test simplifies setup to quickly detect faults
• User friendly touch screen operation
• Fast storage function and one touch operation for saving results
• Unique mini menu allows quick and convenient results analysis

Deviser AE3100 Series Handheld OTDR

• Broad dynamic range coverage (28 - 39 dB)
• Minimum 5cm resolution
• Intelligent analysis of events
• Excellent stability and repeatability

Deviser AE500 CWDM Channel Analyzer

• Analyze 8 CWDM channels simultaneously
• All day testing with field replaceable batteries
• Create test profiles for general functions such as relative power measurement
• Store up to 400 groups of data, and manage results with Toolbox management software

Deviser AE600 CWDM Channel Analyzer

• Analyze 18 wavelengths (ranging from 1271 ~ 1611nm) simultaneously
• All-day testing with 5 hours' continuous operation
• With interchangeable connectors, switch easily among FC / SC / LC / ST
• View measurement results in list or graph format
• Store up to 1000 data groups; manage them with Toolbox PC software

Deviser AE700 DWDM Channel Analyzer

• Handheld DWDM Channel Analyzer for C or L band
• Over 5 hours' continuous operation with 7.4V/2.4AH Lithium battery; FC & SC/PC Interchangeable connector
• Conduct relative power measurements and other key functions
• Store up to 400 groups of data; edit with TOOLBOX management software

Deviser EP310 Series PON Power Meter

• Simultaneously verifies the power levels of all PON wavelengths (1310 nm, 1490nm, and 1550nm)
• Pass/fail analysis helps user quickly interpret results and ensures consistent PON turn-up
• Green light/red light LED helps user easily identify pass/fail results
• Rugged unit is water- and shock-resistant

Deviser AE210 Series Optical Power Meter

• Over 100 hours' working time with 2x AA rechargeable batteries
• New features: pair with LS300 Series Light Source to auto-verify source wavelength and run dual-λ testing
• Identify fiber bends and faults with VFL function
• Auto shutdown and self-calibration
• USB interface and Toolbox software

Deviser LS310 Series Light Source

• Multi-wavelength output: 1310 & 1550nm, or 1310 & 1490 & 1550nm (depending on model)
• CW mode or modulated mode: 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
• 30 hours working time

Deviser TC722 All-in-One 10G Transport Tester

• Supports external synchronize clock input, SyncE and IEEE 1588v2
• Supports optical power measurement
• Supports remote control
• Supports packet filtering and capturing with 512MB buffer size

Deviser TC602RE Ethernet Backhaul Service Tester

• Convenient and intuitive user interface
• Integrates multiple software tools for field measurement, ensuring high cost-performance
• Professional PDF and CSV data report generation

Deviser TC601E Ethernet and E1 Tester

• 1000Base-X optical port x 1, 10/100/1000Base-T electric port x 1
• Complete solution for activating, verifying & fault-diagnosing Ethernet service from 10Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s quickly and easily
• Convenient and intuitive user interface
• Integrates multiple software tools for field measurement, ensuring high cost-performance
• Professional PDF and CSV data report generation

Deviser TC601+ Ethernet Service Tester

• 5” (800x480) color LCD touchscreen
• 1000Base-X optical port, 10/100/1000Base-T electrical port x1
• Integrates multiple software tools for field measurement, ensuring high cost-performance
• Professional PDF and CSV data report generation
• Rechargeable lithium battery powers continuous use

Deviser TC601A Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Tester

• Smart Loopback at Layer 1/2/3/4
• Cable diagnostics
• Optical power measurement
• IP Tools: Ping, TraceRoute, IPv4 and

Deviser TC702 Gigabit Ethernet Module

• Packet stream generation and measurement
• Loopback discovery
• Smart Loopback and 802.3ah OAM Loopback
• Through mode

Deviser S700 Series Cable & Antenna Analyzer

• Handheld, lightweight, field-proven design withstands harsh environments and lighting conditions
• Easily set up measurements with over 100 preset wireless frequency bands and cable types
• Reduce test time with dual measurement display to make two measurements simultaneously

Deviser S900 Series Signal PROFILER

• Perform comprehensive spectrum and signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
• Test MIMO 4x4 antenna performance
• Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay

Deviser E7000B Cable & Antenna Analyzer

• Reduce test time with dual measurement display to make two measurements simultaneously
• Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay
• Instant Pass/Fail status

Deviser E7000L Cable & Antenna Analyzer

• Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay
• Instant Pass/Fail status
• Manage your measurement data and test setups with Measurement Center Software
• Intuitive touchscreen user interface for easier, faster measurements

Deviser SignalPROFILER E7042B

• Perform comprehensive spectrum and signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
• Test MIMO 4x4 antenna performance
• Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay

Deviser SignalPROFILER E7062B

• Perform comprehensive spectrum and signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
• Test MIMO 4x4 antenna performance
• Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay

Deviser E8400B Wireless Spectrum Analyzer

• Quickly identifies, locates and maps signal interference
• Performs comprehensive signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
• Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power and ACPR
• Dual spectrum and spectrogram measurements
• Verify RF transmission

Deviser E8600B Spectrum Analyzer

• Performs comprehensive signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
• Occupied Bandwidth, Channel Power and ACPR
• Dual spectrum and spectrogram measurements
• Verify RF transmission

Schlöder ESD Simulator SESD 216

• Battery or mains operation
• 16,5 kV AIR / 10 kV CONTACT discharge
• Programmable automatic test runs
• Predefined test levels acc. to the standard
• Contact control for contact discharge

Schlöder ESD Simulator SESD 230

• Predefined test levels acc. to the standard
• Contact control for contact discharge
• Displaying of the real discharge voltage at air mode
• Counter mode with and without automatic polarity change

Schlöder ESD Simulator SESD 30000

• Desktop control unit with a big display and digits which are easy to read
• All modules are electronically recognised and identified on the display
• Ergonomic grip with big trigger key
• Big keys for easy and fast parameter adjustments

Schlöder ESD test system SESD 2910

• 30 kV test voltage
• Capacity module 150 pF – 5000 pF
• Resistor module 0.5 Ω – 5000 Ω
• Serial interface

Schlöder Burst-Generator 125 kHz SFT 2400

• Operation via capacitive color touch display
• Burst - frequency up to 125 kHz, pulse amplitude up to 5.0 kV
• Modification of all parameters during the test possible
• Single impulse to permanent burst, various special functions

Schlöder CDG 6000

• RF Power amplifier 25W or 75W
• Frequency range 10 kHz (150 kHz) to 230 MHz
• Complete with Software and cables
• Accessories: CDN, EM-Clamp, Calibration sets

Schlöder Magnetic Field Generator and Analyzer MGA 1030

• Generation of magnetic fields from DC to 250 kHz
• Field strenght up to 1000 A/m
• EN 55103-1/2, MIL-STD 461, Automotive etc.
• Accessories: Loop sensors, Helmholtz coils etc.

Schlöder Voltage Interruption Simulator VIS 1700

• AC/DC - Interruptions - dips, max. 280V / 360V
• IEC 61000-4-11 and IEC 61000-4-29
• Automatic AC + DC ramp function
• Inrush current measurement, phase-synchron

Schlöder Pulse - Generator PG 01-2000

• Test voltage max. 10.000 V
• Pulse form 0,1 / 2000 µs
• FNN - Forum Network operation
• Reliability of electricity meters

Schlöder Immunity DC PGA 1240

• Power generator DC to 300 kHz
• IEC / EN 61000-4-16
• Function generator DC, Sine, triangle, square
• Coupling network for DC and AC available

Schlöder Magnetic Field Calibrator CAL 1250

• Magnetic fields by 3-channel amplifier
• Only for calibration
• Complies to IEEE 664
• Loop sensor for field verification include

Tekbox TBPS01 EMC Near-field Probes + TBWA2 Wideband Amplifier

• Slim design for good access in between tightly spaced components
• Shielded loops to avoid picking up common mode noise; insensitive to the human hand
• Frequency range: up to 6GHz, see coupling plots of the respective probes
• SMB connectors to avoid twisting the RF cable when scanning DUTs

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBOH01 5UH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN – CISPR 25

• Frequency range: 100kHz – 110MHz (1GHz, see figure 4 in the manual)
• DC Resistance: 40 mΩ
• Maximum current: 10A
• Nominal operating voltage range: 0 – 60V DC *

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 

• Frequency range: 30 kHz – 110 MHz
• Maximum RF level at any BNC port: 27dBm
• Maximum DC current at any BNC port: 30 mA

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBLC08 50UH Lisn Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN – CISPR 16

• Air core inductors
• Line voltage: max. 240V / 50 – 60 Hz, CAT ‖
• Max. current: 8A @ 23°C
• DUT socket: country specific

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBFL1 Transient Limiter

• Frequency range: 9 kHz – 600 MHz
• Attenuation: 10 dB – 0.5/+1.2 dB in-band (9 kHz to 600 MHz)
• Attenuation HP-filter: > 30 dB @ 2kHz
• Maximum continuous RF input power: 5W (+37 dBm) in-band

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBOH02 Self Powered Active Load

• Operating voltage range: 2V – 70V
• Maximum current: 10A
• Power rating: max. 25W continuously; with additional fan 100W continuously
• Ranges: 0A – 1A, 0A – 10A, 1Ω – 10Ω, 10Ω – 100Ω
• External voltage control input

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox Open Tem Cells For EMC Pre-Compliance Testing

• All TEM cells are supplied together with a 50Ω/25W RF termination, a DC block to protect the spectrum analyzer or RF receiver input and a N-Male to N-Male coaxial cable.

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBST 120/60/60/2 Shielded Tent

• Outer dimensions: 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
• Opening dimensions: 85 cm x 35 cm
• Frame: 20 mm x 20mm extruded aluminium profiles
• Shielding: 2 layers of conductive fabrics
• Seal: conductive Velcro tape

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBWA2/20dB, TBWA2/40dB RF Amplifiers

• EMC probe amplifier
• General purpose wideband RF amplifier

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBHDR1 RF Amplifier

• General purpose gain block
• Pre-amplifier in applications with low noise and high IP3 requirements
• Pre-amplifier for spectrum analyzers, especially in EMC pre-compliance test applications
• Loop antenna amplifier

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBDA1/14dB, TBDA1/28dB RF Amplifier

• RF driver amplifier
• General purpose wideband RF amplifier

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tekbox TBMDA1 RF Amplifier

• Pre-compliance RF immunity testing, driving Tekbox EMC probes or TEM cells
• RF driver amplifier
• General purpose wideband RF amplifier

 Tekbox Digital Solutions 
Tritex Multigauge 5300 GRP Thickness Gauge

• Measures GRP or all types of engineering plastic.
• Large colour LCD display giving user information.
• No zeroing required.
• Single crystal hard faced probe.

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 5500

• Easy to use
• Large LED display for good visibility in low light conditions
• Easy calibration with menu driven buttons
• Rugged, durable and robust

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 5600 Hand Held

• Echo strength indicator
• Measurement hold feature
• Rugged, durable and robust
• Leather protective case available

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 5700 Datalogger

• Automatic Measurement Verification (AMVS)
• Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR)
• Easy calibration with menu driven buttons
• Easy to use clear graphic menu

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 5650/5750 Surveyor Thickness Gauge

• Inspect GRP for osmosis.
• Large colour LCD display giving user information.
• No zeroing required.
• Easy calibration with menu driven buttons.

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 3000 Underwater Thickness Meter

• No zeroing required
• Large 10mm display for good visibility in poor visibility applications
• Easy to use
• Pressure tested to 500m

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 4000 Series ROV Underwater Thickness Gauge

• Depth rating to 1000 m (3280’) and 4000 m (13,123’)
• User selectable RS422 or RS232 output
• Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR)
• Automatic Measurement Verification (AMVS)

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 3100 Surface Display Unit

• Multigauge 3000 can be calibrated from the surface
• Easy to use
• Bi-directional communication with the Multigauge 3000. Settings can be remotely changed
• The Topside Repeater can be added onto any existing Multigauge 3000

 Tritex NDT 
Tritex Multigauge 6000 Drone Thickness Gauge

• No zeroing required.
• 10Vdc – 32Vdc input supply.
• Lightweight Single crystal soft faced probe.
• Easy calibration.

 Tritex NDT 
Fraser NEOS 30 Anti-Static Ionising Bars

• Shockless, resistively coupled replaceable emitters made in tungsten for long life.
• NEOS Intelligence has two automatic and 3 manual settings to give the operator complete control. Remote and local monitoring of operation and 'Clean Me' function.

Fraser NEOS 20 Anti-Static Ionising Bars

• Powerful medium range ionisation
• 5 settings deliver controlled optimum performance
• Versatile and adaptive
• Range: 150mm to 800mm

Fraser NEOS 12 F Anti-Static Ionising Bars

• Reactive technology delivers enhanced performance
• Fast ionisation as required
• Capable of dealing with varying geometries
• NEOS are the most advanced static elimination range

Fraser 3024 F 24VDC Ionising Bar

• Pioneering 24V DC Technology
• Compact, with built-in electronics
• The first choice for machinery manufacturers
• Remote monitoring of operational status

Fraser 1250 & 1250-S Static Eliminators

• High performance and shockless operation
• Suitable for food, medical, pharmaceutical and many cleanroom applications
• Operating distances of up to 150mm, best distance 20 50mm
• Washable and easy to clean

Fraser 1250 Air Bar Static Eliminator

• Blows ionised air into restricted areas
• Uses low pressure compressed air
• Stops film sticking to rollers
• Extends neutralisation distance

Fraser 3810 Ionstorm Single Point Bars

• Single point bars
• Extruded PVC and ABS endcaps, expoxy resin
• Compact size for neutralising static charge in ducting, cabinets and other enclosed spaces
• High power with shockless operation

Fraser 3850-SC Ionstorm Bar

• Ionstorm has been designed to optimise static neutralisation performance at distances between 200mm and 1m.
• Market leading performance and the proven reliability of Fraser.
• Fully controllable output with lockable settings.

Fraser 3100 JUPITER

• Very fast decay performance
• Fire retardant polymer body, reinforced for rigidity
• Advanced long range static control system
• Intelligent ionisation technology

Fraser 715 Static Meter

• Shows where and how static is generated, its magnitude and polarity
• Monitors the effectiveness of the action taken to solve the problem
• Hold facility to freeze the reading displayed
• Measures static electricity on the surface of a material, at a distance of 100mm

Fraser EX715 Static Meter

• Certified for use in hazardous area Zones 1 and 2
• Measures static electricity on the surface of a material, at a distance of 100mm
• Hold facility to freeze the reading on the LCD
• Shows where and how the static electricity is generated

Fraser 740 Surface Resistivity Meter

• It uses the ASTM Standard D257 method of parallel bar sensing.
• For surface resistance, place the 740 on the flat surface to be measured, press the button and hold. The LED that illuminates is the decade measured in ohms/square.

Fraser 720 Static Bar Checker

• Pocket sized
• Quick and accurate
• LED display
• Easy to use

GrayWolf AdvancedSenseBE

• Microphone for audio documentation of surveys
• Virtual keyboard for text notes that auto-attach to data files and for detailed data file naming
• Speaker for audio queues/playback and more
• On-board educational info, application docs, help videos, user tips and more

GrayWolf AdvancedSense PRO

• Microphone for audio documentation of surveys
• Text notes, field (Word template) notes, event notes etc. auto-attach to data
• Speaker for audible queues, alarms and more

GrayWolf WolfPack Modular Area Monitor

• Optional auto-zeroing differential pressure and/or barometric pressure
• Monitor up to 32 parameters simultaneously
• On-board productivity tools: video help, parameter details, sensor info, text & audio notes and much more

GrayWolf Indoor Air Quality IAQ Meter

• An essential component of any professional IAQ program
• Organizes ALL survey info; data, text, calibration history and more...
• Measures VOCs, CO2, CO, %RH, Dewpoint, Temperature and more... accurate and fast

GrayWolf Volatile Organic Compound TVOC Meter

• Response factors for common compounds; display/log corrected VOC values
• Productivity tools: audio notes, text notes, data file linked photos and more...

GrayWolf Air Velocity Volume Flow Meter

• Optional fumehood face velocity and duct traverse calculation software
• Stores measurements along with date, time, text, audio, drawings and more
• Optional 90 degree articulating probe
• Graduated markings (cm & inches)

GrayWolf Formaldehyde Monitor

• Sensor cartridge itself can work as a stand-alone passive sampler.
• Base unit w/sensor inserted can operate as an on-site meter for short-term

GrayWolf Particle Concentration Counter

• Easy to Use (User-Friendly Interface)
• Expands your GrayWolf AdvancedSense, DirectSense andWolfPack parameters
• Low Cost of Ownership

GrayWolf PC-4000

• Internal audible alarm
• Complies with ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921 standards
• Light weight stainless steel enclosure

GrayWolf Particle Concentration 5000 Series

• Access readings via Modbus RTU or (optional) cloud-based GrayWolfLive™
• Optional %RH and temperature probe
• Optional TVOC and/or carbon dioxide sensors; highly accurate PID and NDIR (PC-5005 only)

GrayWolf Zephyr II

• Multiple parameter
• Large and clear display
• Intuitive menu system
• Comfortable to use

GrayWolf 2300 AHTS

• Multi-parameter Probe
• Telescopic Handle
• High Accuracy
• Hands Free Use

Furukawa S179A Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

• Ruggedized body design
• Easy, intuitive operation
• Compatible with Splice-On-Connectors (SOC)
• State-of-the-art communication methods

Furukawa NJ001M4 Hand-Held Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

• Available for ALL Metro/LAN/FTTH fibers, from Single to 4-fibers ribbon
• Wide splicing chamber allows for easy fiber loading
• Fiber Curl Removal Function is available
• 100 cycles (Splicing and Heating) from fully charged built-in-battery

Furukawa S123M Series Ribbon Fusion Splicers

• Rugged and compact hand-held design to endure any kind of environmental conditions
• Internal battery charging
• Fast splice(15sec) at low loss and fast heating(36sec)
• 70 cycles(Splicing & heating) for S123M4 and 160 cycles for S123M8/S123M12 with two batteries

Furukawa FITELNINJA NJ001 Fixed V-groove Fusion Splicer

• 3 LED lamps
• High propulsion motor
• Rugged and compact hand-held design to endure any kind of environmental conditions
• Internal battery charging

Furukawa S153A Active Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer

• Active V-groove is more reliable than conventional Fixed V-groove splicer
• Rugged and compact hand-held design to endure any kind of environmental conditions
• Internal battery charging

Furukawa S178LDF Hand-Held Core Alignment LDF Fusion Splicer

• Rugged and compact design
• Available for hand-held operation
• Fast splice & fast heating
• Available for operation by internal battery

Furukawa S183PMII/ S184PM-SLDF Advanced Fusion Splicer

• High-strength splicing application
• Polarization maintaining fiber splicing
• Splicing specialty and exotic fiber combinations
• Very large diameter fiber splicing (up to 500µm)

Furukawa S218R/S218H Fiber Strippers

• High-strength stripping applications (only for 0.25mm stripping)
• Simple Operation via built-in battery or AC power
• Built-in battery recharger - battery always charging when AC power is connected
• Durable Design

Furukawa S326A/S326S80 High Precision Cleaver

• One-Step Action
• Cleave Anywhere! – In Your Palm or on Your Desktop
• Easy Fiber Loading
• High Capacity Waste Fiber Collection
• Durable design and Easy Maintenance

Furukawa S220A Optical Ribbon Fiber Separator

• 2 to 12 fiber ribbons with the thickness of 0.30 ~ 0.40 mm

Furukawa S233 Optical Ribbon Fiber Splitter

• Small, simple and compact design for field use
• All-metal body for maximum durability
• Interchangeable fiber guides for different ribbon sizes
• No tools required to change fiber guides

Furukawa Ultra Sonic Cleaner S903

• Perfect fiber cleaning solution to go with FITEL S18x series
• Can clean 2 fibers at the same time
• The height of the holder stand can be adjusted according to the amount of alcohol

Furukawa FITELCLEAN Optical Connector Cleaner

• Cleaning possible with a single push
• Ready to be used by anyone. No special skills required.
• For cleaning of inside of adaptors and single plugs.
• Cleans both the male and female sides of MPO and MTP connectors.

Cobham GPSG-1000 Portable Satellite Simulator

• User or built-in GPS receiver referenced time and date
• PVT data available via RS-232
• User Defined Data Transferable between Linked GPSG units
• Remote control interface Ethernet

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham 3515ARM Airborne Radio Maintenance System

• Isolates failures in nearly any platform’s radio, antenna, or cable
• Runs tests in minutes without removing or disconnecting the radio
• Measures high power —20 watts without an external attenuator, up to 200 watts with an external attenuator provided
• Minimal personnel training

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham IFR 4000 Nav/Comm Flightline Test Set

• Simulation of Localizer and Glideslope (CAT I, II and III) signals with variable DDM settings
• Swept Localizer DDM for coupled Auto Pilot testing (Simultaneous Localizer, Glideslope and Marker signals)
• Simulation of Marker Beacon, Selectable Airways (Z), Outer and Middle Marker Tones
• Guided Test capability cuts down total test time

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham 3515AR Portable Radio Communications Test Set

• Stand-off tests of tactical radios from 2 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range
• Isolates failures in nearly any platform’s radio, antenna, or cable
• Runs tests in minutes without removing or disconnecting the radio
• Measures high power —20 watts without an external attenuator, up to 200 watts with external attenuator

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set

• Presets: Ultra-fast store and recall of test setups
• Frequency Lists: User-defined frequency lists with editable Tx Frequency, Tx Level, and Rx Frequency entries
• Audio Record/Playback: Digital audio quality performance tests
• Color Meters: Color indicates pass/fail results on each meter

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham 3550R Touch-screen Radio Test System

• Next generation touch-screen operation
• Internal battery provides 4.5 hours of true portability on one charge
• Super light magnesium alloy – 8.3 lbs/3.75 kg weight

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham 3920B Series Analog and Digital Radio Test Platform

• RF signal generator with SSB phase noise of -110 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset
• Sensitive receiver for making accurate measurements
• 2.7 GHz RF frequency range for generate and receive
• Full spectrum analyzer and tracking generator with displayed average noise level of -140 dBm

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham 8150 TETRA AirAnalyzer

• Interoperability testing between mobiles and base stations
• Quality analysis of TETRA network services, such as MCCH call loads and call statistics
• Investigate problems during installation or expansion of TETRA networks
• Locating carrier and interference problems

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham Mission Test System

• Easy to understand test results: PASS or FAIL
• Easy operation: one touch is all you need
• Sold as a complete system or as an add-on accessory kit

 Cobham AvComm 
Cobham Scout CS1104 Broadband Signal Analyzer and Recorder

• Radar
• Communications
• Spectrum monitoring

 Cobham AvComm 
R&S CMW500 - Production Test

• All-in-one test platform for wireless devices
• Modular and flexible hardware
• Application-tailored software

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S CMW100 Communications Manufacturing Test Set

• Continuous frequency range up to 6 GHz
• Multitechnology solution
• Parallel testing on up to eight RF ports
• High measurement performance

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S CMW270 Wireless Connectivity Tester

• Dual tester concept with multiple-standard RF measurements for WLAN (802.11 a,b,g,n,p,ac) SISO/MIMO and Bluetooth®
• General-purpose ARB generator for WLAN, Bluetooth®, GNSS and various broadcast technologies
• Continuous frequency range up to 6 GHz

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S CMW290 Functional Radio Communication Tester

• Simultaneous support of all common wireless communications standards – cellular and noncellular up to 6 GHz on up to two channels
• Calibration of cellular devices using manufacturerprovided software
• IP data support using built-in or external custom application servers

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S CMA180 Radio Test Set

• Frequency range from 100 kHz to 3 GHz
• Analog modulation and demodulation (CW, AM, FM)
• Up to 150 W peak input power and up to 100 W continuous input power

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S CTH100A/R&S®CTH200A Portable Radio Test Set

• Extensive measurement capabilities
• Handy and ergonomic
• Rugged and all-weatherproof

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S TS-ITS100 RF Conformance Test System

• Fully automatic tests for reproducible test results
• Outstanding measurement accuracy
• Fast test runs

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S TS8980 RF Test System Family

• Full coverage for RF conformance test cases
• LTE network operator acceptance tests
• Optional RRM

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S TS-RRM LTE and WCDMA RRM test system

• Support of network operator-specific RRM tests
• Modular hardware and software structure for combination with e.g. R&S®TS8980FTA
• Intuitive GUI of R&S®CONTEST
• Optimized and automated for optimal use of test time

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers

• Universal platform for HDMI 2.0, MHL 1.4/2.2 and analog A/V interfaces
• Protocol compliance testing
• Enhanced video and audio analysis

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S TS-290 IoT Carrier Acceptance Test System

• Combined support for RF, data throughput and protocol tests on one platform
• Flexible, convenient and intuitive user interface
• Fully automatic tests for reproducible test results

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

• Real-time analysis up to 512 MHz bandwidth
• High-resolution 12.1" (31 cm) touchscreen for convenient operation
• Multiple measurement applications can be run and displayed in parallel

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S FSH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

• Installation and maintenance of transmitter stations (base stations)
• Measurements of electromagnetic fields
• Diagnostic applications in the lab or in service

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S FSV Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

• Wireless measurement applications for LTE (including LTE-Advanced), WLAN (including IEEE 802.11ac), WCDMA/HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, GSM/EDGE, CDMA2000®/1xEV-DO, Bluetooth®
• Frequency range up to 500 GHz with harmonics mixers
• Keeping test data confidential with removable solid state or hard disk drives

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ZNB Vector Network Analyzer

• Frequency range from 9 kHz up to 40 GHz
• Wide dynamic range of up to 140 dB
• Short sweep times, e.g. 4 ms for 401 points
• High temperature stability of typ. 0.01 dB/°C

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RTC1000 Oscilloscope

• Bandwidth: 50 MHz to 300 MHz
• Max. sample rate: 2 Gsample/s
• Max. memory depth: 2 Msample
• MSO: 8 digital channels, optional, retrofittable
• Pattern generator: 4-bit patterns up to 50 Mbit/s

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RTB2000 Oscilloscope

• Four times more vertical resolution than standard 8-bit ADCs.
• Maintains fast sampling rates at all times
• Largest display with highest resolution in its class

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RTM3000 Oscilloscope

• Bandwidth: 100 MHz to 1GHz
• Sample rate: up to 5 Gsample/s
• Memory depth: up to 80 Msample
• ADC resolution: 10-bit
• Display: 10.1’’ capacitive touchscreen

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RTA4000 Oscilloscope

• Bandwidth: 200 MHz to 1 GHz
• Sample rate: up to 5 Gsample/s
• Memory depth: up to 1 Gsample
• ADC resolution: 10-bit
• Display: 10.1’’ capacitive touchscreen

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RTE1000 Oscilloscope

• Bandwidth: 200 MHz to 2 GHz
• Sample rate: 5 Gsample/s
• Max. memory depth: 200 Msample
• Vertical resolution: up to 16-bit
• MSO: 16 digital channels, optional, retrofittable

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RTO2000 Oscilloscope

• Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s
• 2 Gsample deep memory to analyze long sequences
• Up to 16-bit vertical resolution
• Multi-channel spectrum analysis

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RTP Oscilloscope

• Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s
• High-precision digital trigger without bandwidth limitations
• Realtime deembedding for triggering and fast acquisition
• Compact design and silent operation for best fit to any lab

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester

• Frequency range from 1 MHz to 8/26.5/50 GHz
• High sensitivity for phase noise measurements thanks to cross‑correlation and extremely low‑noise internal reference sources
• Simultaneous measurement of amplitude noise and phase noise

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S FSMR Measuring Receiver

• Frequency range from 20 Hz to 3/26.5/43/50 GHz
• Highly accurate level calibrator with wide measurement range from +30 dBm to –140 dBm
• Highly accurate level calibrator

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S SMW200A Vector Signal Generator

• Options for all important digital communications standards
• Optional integrated fading simulator with up to 160 MHz bandwidth
• Support of all key MIMO modes including 3x3, 4x4, 8x4, 4x8 and 4x2x2

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S SMA100B RF and Microwave Analog Signal Generator

• Wideband noise <-162 dBc (meas.) at 10 GHz and an offset of 30 MHz
• Nonharmonics below -110 dBc at 1 GHz
• Ultra high output power

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ZNL Vector Network Analyzer

• Frequency range from 5 kHz to 3 GHz (R&S®ZNL3) or 5 kHz to 6 GHz (R&S®ZNL6)
• Two-port vector network analyzer for bidirectional measurements
• Wide dynamic range of typ. 130 dB

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ZNLE Vector Network Analyzer

• Frequency range from 1 MHz to 3 GHz or 1 MHz to 6 GHz
• Two-port vector network analyzer with a full S-parameter test set for bidirectional measurements on passive components
• Wide dynamic range of up to 120 dB (typ.)

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ZND Vector Network Analyzers

• Two-port network analyzer for unidirectional measurements from 100 kHz to 4.5 GHz
• Frequency range can be extended to 8.5 GHz
• Test set can be enhanced for bidirectional measurements

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S Cable Rider ZPH Cable & Antenna Analyzer

• Fast
• Efficient
• Standard measurement modes

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer

• High temperature stability of 0.01 dB/°K
• More than 100 traces and channels
• Simple configuration of multiport measurements
• Manual and automatic calibration methods optimized for multiport applications

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ZNC Vector Network Analyzer

• Frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz
• Dynamic range of up to 130 dB
• Short sweep times of 11 ms for 401 points
• High temperature stability of typ. 0.01 dB/°C

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ESW EMI Test Receiver

• Ultrafast measurements with FFT-based time domain scan
• Preselection with selectable highpass filters and notch filters for the ISM bands
• EMI test receiver and signal and spectrum analyzer in a single box

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ESRP EMI Test Receiver

• Standard-compliant disturbance measurements for pulsed disturbances with repetition frequencies ≥ 10 Hz (with R&S®ESRP-B2 preselection/preamplifier option)
• Very fast FFT-based time domain scan as an option (R&S®ESRP-K53)
• Automatic test routines

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ESL EMI Test Receiver

• Frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz or 9 kHz to 6 GHz covering almost all commercial EMC standards
• First-ever combination of an EMI test receiver and spectrum analyzer in the entry-level class
• All major functions of an advanced EMI test receiver, including fully automated test sequences

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S NRP2 Power Meter

• Optionally integrated 50 MHz/1 mW reference source
• Hardware interfaces for remote control and triggering
• Emulation of other legacy power meter
• User-programmable save/recall locations

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S UPZ Audio Switcher

• Available as input and output switcher
• Cascading of up to 128 channels
• Operation directly from the R&S®UPV or R&S®UPP audio analyzers

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S BTC Broadcast Test Center

• Signal generation and DUT analysis
• Modular design
• Automated test sequences in line with recognized test specifications
• Perfect for testing acc. to several ETSI-Standards of the Radio Equipment Directive

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S SFE Broadcast Tester

• Multistandard signal generator
• Frequency range up to 2700 MHz
• High-precision modulator (MER typ. 43 dB)
• Integrated 12 path fading simulator
• Integrated noise source, BER tester and transport stream generator

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S SFC Compact Modulator

• VHF and UHF frequency range, optionally up to 3 GHz
• Level range from 0 dBm to –31.5 dBm, optionally to –110 dBm
• Transport stream player and audio/video generator
• AWGN generator

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S SFC-U USB Compact Modulator

• Handy, easy and flexible
• Practical tool for software development
• High signal quality for receiver tests

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S SFD DOCSIS Signal Generator

• DOCSIS3.1, DOCSIS3.0, J.83/A/B/C and analog TV
• Up to 192 MHz signal bandwidth for DOCSIS3.1
• ARB generator bandwidth up to 200 MHz
• Signal interference and distortion simulation

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S CLGD DOCSIS Cable Load Generator

• Frequency range in upstream: 5 MHz to 204 MHz
• DOCSIS 3.1, DOCSIS 3.0, J.83/A/B/C and analog TV
• Up to eight times 192 MHz signal bandwidth for DOCSIS 3.1
• ARB generator bandwidth up to 200 MHz

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S SLG Satellite Load Generator

• Satellite IF range from 250 MHz to 3225 MHz
• Up to 32 simultaneous transponder signals
• Independent setting of symbol rate, FEC, level and frequency
• DVB-S/S2, DVB-S2X, DVB-S2 wideband, ISDB-S/S3 and turbo modulation standards
• Signal quality of 40 dB MER (typ.)

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ETL TV Analyzer

• Baseband outputs
• Preselection with additional 75 Ω RF input
• Video signal generator
• Audio signal generator

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S DSA DOCSIS Signal Analyzer

• Demodulation and analysis of digital TV signals (J.83/A/B/C, DVB-C) in realtime
• Residual MER ≥ 50 dB with DOCSIS 3.1
• Residual MER ≥ 56 dB with SC-QAM
• Dual receivers for downstream (47 MHz to 1794 MHz) and upstream (5 MHz to 204 MHz)

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S ETC Compact TV Analyzer

• Support of DVB-T2, DVB-T/DVB-H and ISDB-T digital TV standards
• Wide frequency range up to 3.6 GHz or 8 GHz
• Precision MER measurement in realtime (typ. 44 dB at 500 MHz)

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S EFL240/R&S®EFL340 Portable TV Test Receiver

• Frequency range from 5 MHz to 2500 MHz
• MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding
• Common Interface for encrypted programs
• 5.7" TFT color display for SD and HD video output
• Battery operation > 4 hours

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S EFL110/R&S®EFL210 Cable TV Analyzer and Leakage Detector

• Frequency range from 5 MHz to 2500 MHz
• Minimum detectable signal level 11 uV/m in E-UTRA bands 12, 13, 14 and 17
• Minimum detectable signal level 19 uV/m in aeronautical radio band from 108 MHz to 139 MHz
• Battery operation > 4 h

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S DVSG Digital Video Signal Generator

• Digital and analog video and audio output
• HDTV and SDTV formats up to 1080p, PC formats up to WUXGA
• Reference source for moving sequences
• User-selectable variation of interface parameters and signal amplitude

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S HMC804x Power Supply

• High energy efficiency, low heat dissipation and quiet fans
• Low residual ripple due to linear postregulation
• Convenient parallel and serial operation via V/I tracking

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S NGE100 Power Supply Series

• Max. output current of 3 A per channel (up to 6 A/9 A in parallel operation)
• Electronic fuse (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), overpower protection (OPP), overtemperature protection (OTP)
• USB interface (VCP/TMC), optional LAN (LXI), optional wireless LAN
• Optional digital I/O (4bit)

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S NGMO Single/Dual Channel Analyzer/Power Supply

• Accurate high-speed voltage source
• Programmable DC load
• Precise digital voltmeter
• Transient recorder

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S RSC Step Attenuator

• Step attenuators with frequency ranges up to 6 GHz, 18 GHz, 40 GHz and 67 GHz
• Maximum attenuation ranges up to 139.9 dB, 139 dB, 115 dB and 75 dB
• Minimum step sizes of 0.1 dB, 1 dB and 5 dB

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S PSL3 Industrial Controller

• Maximum reliability due to optimized design and comprehensive tests during production
• Long-term availability of spare parts
• Immunity to electromagnetic interference

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S OSP Open Switch and Control Platform

• Compact size requiring little space
• Optimal configuration by selecting the appropriate switch and control modules
• Plug & play makes complex installation superfluous

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S Hameg HMC8012 Digital Multimeter

• Basic accuracy: 0.015 % (DC)
• 5¾-digit display (480 000 counts)
• Simultaneous display of three measurement functions, e.g. DC + AC + statistics
• Measurement rate: up to 200 values/s

 Rohde & Schwarz 
R&S Hameg HMC8015 Power Analyzer

• Clear display of all measured parameters
• Measurement accuracy
• Everyday measurement functions

 Rohde & Schwarz 


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