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The BAUR testing and measurement technology prevents damage to networks and systems, allows for accurate planning of investments for maintenance and locates faults as precisely and quickly as possible. For the reliability of your networks and systems.

As a market leader in the service and maintenance of electrical power distribution systems and their components, BAUR has been making a significant contribution to efficient and problem-free power supply around the world for 70 years.

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• 05.07
  Shineway 95S Fusion Splicer
  Shineway 95EA Fusion Splicer
  Shineway OFC-10CT Optical Fiber Cleaver
  Shineway OCC-50 CWDM Optical Channel Checker
  Shineway OVA-50 Intelligent Optical Variable Attenuator
  Shineway MTP-200-OSA Optical Spectrum Analyzer / Channel Analyzer
  Shineway MTP-200-CWDM Series Hand-held High Performance OTDR
  Shineway OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter
  Shineway OPM-15/25 Optical Power Meter
  Shineway SLS-50 Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source
  Shineway OLT-55 Intelligent Optical Loss Tester
  Shineway OLT-20 Optical Loss Tester
  Shineway OFI-50A Cable Identifier
  Shineway CAA-100A Cable & Antenna Analyzer
  Shineway SPM-50 RF Spectrum Power Meter
  Shineway TPM-50A Terminal Power meter
  Ametek XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge
  Ametek XP2i-DP Differential Pressure Gauge
  Ametek WT Series Digital Pressure Gauge
  Ametek m1 Digital Pressure Gauge
  Ametek HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator
  Ametek nVision Reference Recorder
  Ametek 30 Series Pressure Calibrator
  Ametek HPC600 Pressure Calibrator
  Ametek nVision Lab Reference Recorder
  Ametek RTC Reference Temperature Calibrator
  Ametek PTC Professional Temperature Calibrator
  Ametek ITC Industrial Temperature Calibrator
  Ametek CTC Compact Temperature Calibrator
  Ametek ETC Easy Temperature Calibrator
  Ametek DTI-1000 Temperature Indicator
  Ametek DTI050 Temperature Indicator
  Ametek ASC-400 Multifunction Calibrator
  Ametek AMC910 Process Calibrator
  Ametek CSC Series Multifunction Calibrators
  Ametek ASM Series Process Multi-Scanner
  Ametek mAcal Loop Calibrator
  Ametek T-900 Series (Systems A, B, and H)
  Embedded & Dsp Design Platform ED-DAVINCI
  Electrical Machine Trainer ED-5300
  Motor / Dynamometer Trainer Unit MG-5219
  Motor / Generator Trainer Unit MG-5216
  Synchronous Motor(3-phase)/DC Generator MG-5215
  DC Motor/AC Generator MG-5214
  Wound-Rotor Induction Motor/ DC Generator MG-5213
  Squirrel Cage Induction Motor/ DC Generator MG-5212
  DC Motor/ Generator MG-5211
  Complete Motor/Generator Training System ED-5100
  Sensor Application Trainer ED-6800B
  Daq(Data Acquisition) Trainer ED-4110
  Pulse Circuit Trainer ED-6400
  Logic/Digital Circuit Trainer ED-1400A
  Logic Trainer ED-1100A
  Logic Circuit Lab ED-1006
  Logic Lab Unit ED-1000BS
  Op-Amp Circuit Trainer ED-6000
  SCR Trainer ED-5060
  Analog Lab Unit ED-2200
  Electronics Demonstration System ED-2300
  Sequence Control Trainer ED-4010
  Power Electronics Trainer ED-2040
  Basic Electricity & Electronics Trainer ED-2000E
  Basic Electricity & Electronics Trainer ED-1010
  PC Based Power Electronics Trainer ED-1430
  PC Based Basic ED-1420
  Computer Based Instrument System CBIS-1400
  Multi Function Measuring Instrument System ED-2110
  Embedded Software Design Platform ED-255EK
  Embedded Software Design Multi Platform ED-270M
  New & Renewable Energy Trainer ED-9710
  New & Renewable Energy Trainer ED-9720
  300W Wind Generator Kit ED-9732
  Fuel Cell Trainer ED-9740
  Fuel Cell Trainer ED-9741
  LED Lamp Trainer ED-9810
  Lon Device Development KIT ED-5960
  Home Network Design Platform ED-5965
  Embedded Based Home Network Trainer ED-5967
  Ubiquitous Sensor Network Trainer ED-3160
  PC Based RFID Trainer ED-1450
  RFID Application Trainer ED-3100
  RFID Application Trainer ED-3710
  LAN Training System ED-NET-3
  ADSL Training System ED-NET-2
  Network Training System Series ED-NET4-x
  CDMA Training Kit ED-2945
  PC Based Digital Communication Trainer ED-1440
  PC Based Analog Communication Trainer ED-1460
  Pulse/Digital Communication Trainer ED-2920
  Electronic Communication Trainer ED-2950
  Telecommunication Trainer ED-2960
  Digital Communication Trainer ED-2970
  Optical Communication Trainer ED-2980
  Multiplexed Communication Trainer ED-2990
  Microwave Trainer ED-3000
  Antenna Trainer ED-3200
  Microstrip Line Trainer ED-3300
  AM Transceiver Trainer ED-3400
  FM Transceiver Trainer ED-3600
  IPTV Trainer Kit EP-IPSTB
  Intelligent Education Robot Platform ED-7270
  Omni-Directional Mobile Robot ED-7275
  Sensor Trainer For Factory Automation ED-6830
  Conveyor Control Simulation Unit CU-4001
  Inverter Motor Trainer ED-4304
  AC Servo Motor Trainer ED-4303
  DC Servo Motor Trainer ED-4302
  Stepping Motor Trainer ED-4301
  Inverter Trainer ED-4280M
  Servo Unit Trainer ED-4270M
  Modular Sequence Trainer ED-4010P
  Microprocessor Combo II ED-4513
  Microprocessor Combo ED-4512
  Small Desktop Type PLC Trainer ED-4260MD
  Portable Siemens PLC Trainer ED-4260SP
  Portable Mitsubishi PLC Trainer ED-4260MP
  Portable PLC Trainer ED-4260P
  Siemens Simatic STEP7-300 Modular PLC Trainer ED-4260S
  Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q Modular PLC Trainer ED-4260M
  Allen-Bradley SLC-500 Modular PLC Trainer ED-4260AB
  Programmable Logic Control Trainer ED-4260
  Universal PLC Trainer ED-UPLC
  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Demonstrator ED-5820/ED-5840
  4-axis Rectangular Coordinates Robot Trainer ED-XYZ
  4-axis SCARA Robot Trainer ED-HS4
  6-axis Multi Joint Robot Trainer ED-VP6
  Assembling Robot Trainer ED-7300
  Fluid Process Control Trainer ED-FPC
  Mini MPS (Modular Production System) ED-9160
  Block Modular Production System ED-9150
  Factory Automation Trainer ED-4031
  Flexible Manufacturing System ED-FMS1
  Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Trainer ED-CIM
  5-axis Arm Robot Trainer ED-7255
  Robot Assembly Kit Trainer ED-7271
  Intelligent Robot Development Kit ED-7273
  Pneumatics Trainer ED-7860
  Transparent Hydraulic Trainer ED-7964
  Components Of Hydraulics Transparency THT-7964-1
  Hydraulics Trainer ED-7960
  SVAN 979 Sound & Vibration Analyser
  SVAN 977A Sound & Vibration Analyser
  SVAN 977W Sound & Vibration Analyser WELMEC
  SVAN 971 Sound Level Meter
  SVAN 958A Four Channels Sound & Vibration Analyser
  SV 106A Human Vibration Meter & Analyser
  SVAN 974 Vibration Meter
  SV 103 Vibration Dosimeter
  SV 100A Whole-body vibration exposure meter
  SV 110 Vibration Calibrator
  SV 111 Vibration Calibrator
  SV 105B Triaxial Hand-Arm Accelerometer
  SV 38V Seat Accelerometer
  SV 33A Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator
  SV 34A Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator
  SV 35A Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator
  SV 36 Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator
  SV 104A Noise Dosimeter
  SV 104IS Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter
  SV 102+ Dual Channel Noise Dosimeter
  SA 104-5 Five-way docking station
  SV 258 PRO Vibration & Noise Monitoring Station
  SV 150 Hand-arm triaxial accelerometer
  SV 151 Triaxial accelerometer
  SV 84 Building Ground Vibration Accelerometer
  SV 81 General Purpose Accelerometer 500 mVg
  SV 80 General Purpose Accelerometer 100mVg
  SV 200 Noise Monitoring Station
  SV 307 Noise Monitoring Terminal
  SV 279 PRO Noise Monitoring Station
  BAUR ATG 2 Burn down transformer
  BAUR ATG 6000 Burn down transformer
  BAUR CL 20 Cable Locator
  BAUR DPA 75 C Oil breakdown voltage tester
  BAUR DTA 100 C Oil breakdown voltage tester
  BAUR DTA IL Oil breakdown voltage tester
  BAUR DTL C Oil breakdown voltage tester
  BAUR frida VLF testing and diagnostics unit
  BAUR frida TD VLF testing and diagnostics unit
  BAUR Report Manager
  BAUR IRG 2000 Time domain reflectometer
  BAUR KMF 1 Search receiver
  BAUR KSG 200 / KSG 200 T
  BAUR liona Online PD Spot Tester
  BAUR UL 30 Audio frequency system
  BAUR paula Phase detector
  BAUR PD-SGS Handheld online PD detector
  BAUR PGK 25 DC high-voltage test device
  BAUR PGK 50E / PGK 80E DC high-voltage test device
  BAUR PGK 70 HB High-voltage test device
  BAUR PGK 70/2.5 HB High-voltage test device
  BAUR PGK 110/5 HB High-voltage test device
  BAUR PGK 110 HB High-voltage test device
  BAUR PGK 150 / 5 HB High-voltage test device
  BAUR PHG 70 TD PD / PHG 80 TD PD VLF test and diagnostics system
  BAUR shirla Cable sheath testing and fault location system
  BAUR PHG 70 / PHG 80 portable VLF test system
  BAUR SSG 500 Surge voltage generator
  BAUR SSG Series Surge voltage generator
  BAUR Syscompact 2000 Mobile cable fault location system
  BAUR Syscompact 2000 portable
  BAUR Syscompact 2000 M pro
  BAUR TDR 500/510 Time domain reflectometer
  BAUR TG 20/50 Audio frequency transmitter
  BAUR TG 600 Audio frequency transmitter
  BAUR tracy Partial discharge inductor
  BAUR viola and viola TD High-voltage test and diagnostics device

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