Analizor de pierderi de insertie in fibra optica OptiConcepts FiberWarrior analiza testare masura retea fibre optice     ROM     ENG  
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Analizor de pierderi de insertie in fibra optica OptiConcepts FiberWarrior

Cod: OptiConcepts FiberWarrior
 Datasheet Produs (*.PDF - 0.11 Mb)

» Specificatii tehnice


  • Production and Laboratory Measurements
  • Continuity Check
  • Attenuation/Insertion Loss Test
  • Optional Return Loss (ORL) and Back Reflectance Testing
  • Manufacturing Quality Compliance
  • FTTx Testing


Key Features & Benefits
  • FTTx/PON testing compliance
    Mandrel free reference set up
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface for accurate referencing and measuring
  • Real-Time, Auto-Test, and Logging mode
  • 8.4” Active TFT Color Touchscreen
  • USB and Ethernet ports allow test data transfer to external sources
  • Simple report generation
  • Modular test platform flexibility


OptiConcepts FiberWarrior Insertion Loss Test Set is used for the following functions: continuity check, fiber loss, connector loss , and optional return loss for OEM, lab, and production use as well as transport, metro, access, and FTTx/PON networks. The FiberWarrior Insertion Loss Test Set performs single-mode and multimode loss measurement functions, including single component and multifiber testing.  Optical return loss testing is integrated into the optional single-mode backreflection test module.


The FiberWarrior’s small, lightweight design allows for easy portability, storage, and reduced bench-top space while the aluminum enclosure and protective bumpers enhance ruggedness when used in the field. Through a simple graphical user interface, FiberWarrior becomes a window to viewing the health of your optical system by utilizing three modes of operation: Logging, Real-time, and Auto-test. Logging mode allows engineering and laboratory personnel to document loss results over time. This is especially useful when qualifying the performance of optical components when exposed to variations in temperature, humidity, stress, and other similar factors. Real-time mode provides a method of measuring component loss in a traditional manner. Real-time mode is ideal for documenting loss values at one or more wavelengths in an efficient manner. Lastly, Auto-test mode is a great tool for commissioning and documenting newly deployed fiber systems by automating repetitive steps such as changing wavelengths, then provides an ultra easy system of documenting your fiber network.


The FiberWarrior features a high-quality 8.4” TFT LCD touchscreen that allows the best possible user experience by providing an interface that is easy to view in both dark and bright environments (including sunlight) and vivid, high-contrast color to easily identify specific network elements and user controls. The centrally positioned screen fills the front of the unit while visually optimizing traces, graphs, tables, and other technical information through the carefully designed interface. The customizable touchscreen further enhances and simplifies usability by eliminating cumbersome buttons and controls. The USB and Ethernet ports instantly allow a virtually unlimited number of devices and connectivity methods to save files, network, print, and email to assist and enhance your optical testing experience.



Insertion Loss Module Specifications


Calibrated Meter Wavelengths (nm)


Available Source Wavelengths (nm)


Wavelength Range (nm)

+/- 20

Spectral Width (nm)

Single-mode 1310 = ±3 /Single-mode 1550 = ±3

Multimode 850 = 35 /Multimode 1300 = 135

Stability at 23°C

[1 hour max deviation]

Single-mode 1310 <0.05dB /Single-mode 1550 <0.05dB

Multimode 850 <0.05dB /Multimode 1300 <0.05dB

Detector Type

InGaAs (2mm standard, 3 and 5mm available)

Power Meter Range

+5 to -70dBm

Absolute Accuracy


Single-mode Power Output

-13 to -17dBm

Multimode Power Output

-20dBm +/-2.0dBm



Aquarius Platform Specifications



533MHz x86

Operating System

OptiLin™ Linux or WindowsXPe®

On-Board Flash Memory

2Gb (up to 16Gb available)


256Mb (up to 512Mb available)


2-USB, Ethernet


8.4” Color TFT LCD

User Input Device

Resistive Touchscreen

Power Supply

AC, 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz


Rechargeable Li-Ion


10.0” x 7.0” x 2.5” (25.40 x 17.78 x 6.35cm)


3.9lbs. (1.8kg)

Operational Temperature

0º to 50ºC

Storage Temperature

-20 to 60ºC


0 to 95%, non-condensing


» Accesorii standard incluse

Ordering Information




FiberWarrior Mainframe


FiberWarrior Mainframe w/ Battery




Insertion Loss Modules


Insertion Loss MM 850/1300nm Module


Insertion Loss SM 1310/1550nm Module


Insertion Loss SM 1310/1550nm + Back Reflection Meter


Insertion Loss MM 850/1300nm + Back Reflection Meter




Optical Meter Adapters (Adapter Required for Insertion Loss Modules)


2.5um Universal Adapter


LC Adapter




Extended Warranties


Additional one year warranty


Additional two year warranty





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Produs: Analizor de pierderi de insertie in fibra optica OptiConcepts FiberWarrior analiza testare masura retea fibre optice