UltraTEV Monitor descarcari partiale

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UltraTEV Monitor descarcari partiale

Cod: UltraTEV Monitor
 Datasheet Produs (*.PDF - 1.46 Mb)

» Specificatii tehnice

The UltraTEV Monitor™ is part of the Award Winning UltraTEV™ range. It is an advanced asset monitoring and PD Alarm system for 24/7 monitoring of Partial Discharge (PD) activity in all substation assets, including cables.


  • MV switchgear failure reduced by up to 71%
  • Cost of installation payback within two years
  • Unique external noise cancellation allows it to identify PD in high noise environments
  • PD is precision located, eliminating costly investigations
  • Flexible system installation and movement with no outage and minimal cabling
  • Early detection of asset deterioration, enabling informed preventative measures
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions correlates changes in PD with humidity and temperature
  • Configurable alarms and notifications allow instant response to deteriorating conditions
  • Intuitive web-based management and data analysis system is simple and easy to use
  • Intelligent cloud-based solution capable of remotely managing multiple systems
  • Capacity for up to 300 individual PD measurement points
  • Product options include both fixed and portable systems to suit large or small site requirements

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Produs: UltraTEV Monitor descarcari partiale