UltraTEV Alarma descarcari partiale

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UltraTEV Alarma descarcari partiale

Cod: UltraTEV Alarm
 Datasheet Produs (*.PDF - 0.19 Mb)

» Specificatii tehnice

The UltraTEV Alarm™ can monitor over 100 assets simultaneously using its multi-node sensor units and will raise the alarm if one or more reaches critical PD levels. The UltraTEV Alarm™ is essential in preventing failures in mission critical plants as it alerts personnel around the clock and worldwide. While simultaneously monitoring local humidity and temperature conditions the UltraTEV Alarm™ also provides peace of mind by utilising LED indicators on the Central Hub unit to immediately indicate PD problems.



  • Automatically transmits asset status updates via text or email
  • Can be installed permanently or for a temporary survey
  • No need for costly outages when installing the UltraTEV Alarm™
  • Uses both Ultrasonic and Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) sensors for continuous monitoring



  • Constantly monitors multiple assets for PD activity
  • Warns of PD problems before they lead to failure – or danger to personnel
  • Simple, non-intrusive installation
  • Excellent cost/benefit justification

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Produs: UltraTEV Alarma descarcari partiale