PD Hawk

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PD Hawk

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PD Hawk

Cod: PD Hawk
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» Specificatii tehnice

With its highly directional antenna and selectable measurement centre frequency the PD Hawk can easily be employed as a first pass safety tool for Switchyard entry or for the pinpointing and identification of individual sources as part of a full site survey.

Noise removal during PD measurements is often of concern, especially when employing UHF techniques. The PD Hawk addresses this by allowing a first pass sweep across its full 47MHz – 1GHz measurement band to allow the identification of ‘quiet’ frequencies. This simple and efficient first pass enables the user to tailor the measurement to the specific site allowing the identification of PD in subsequent measurements to be made with confidence.

The users’ confidence in PD identification and detection is further increased by the ability to listen to a heterodyned version of the emissions via the built-in speaker or headphones; whilst simultaneous being able to monitor the activity on the in-built display.
The directional antenna of the PD Hawk™ enables problems to be identified in individual switchyard assets before they fail and at a fraction of the cost of a single outage caused by undetected problems resulting in disruptive failure.



  • Uniquely fast & accurate
  • Digital antenna
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Portable & rugged
  • Android App allows the storage of data to put into reports at a later date, it also allows for results to be emailed at the time of test for immediate analysis. 


  • Efficient coverage of large compounds allows safety first approach
  • Prevents costly failures & extends asset life
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Gathers valuable data on asset condition
  • Easy capture of data using mobile Android device

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Produs: PD Hawk